Hello there. I'm Kate, and this is my blog Beauty Babbles. This blog actually started out as MacLoverGirl96 which was my former youtube channel. Since then I had a big redesign and Beauty Babbles was born. This blog isn't just beauty, I also love posting about lifestyle kind of things and occasionally a fashion post will pop up. 

My proper home is in Yorkshire but I'm currently a 3rd year studying at university in Norwich. At sixth form I studied Philosophy & Ethics, English Literature and Sociology. My hobbies outside of blogging include singing, playing badminton and taking photos. I'm an only child, a tiny 5 ft 2 in size and I love cats. Like seriously love them. If you don't find me blogging you'll probably find me watching youtube videos, being engrossed in an episode of Pretty Little Liars or Grey's Anatomy, or maybe even dancing around to music in my room. 

In terms of my photo stuff I shoot most of my photos with my Canon 700D with a 50mm lens and edit on Photoshop Elements 12. Taking photos for my posts is probably one of the most enjoyable thing about blogging for me (and getting involved with the twitter chats obviously!). Over the past few years I've made so many amazing friends through blogging, and it's become a big part of my life.

So that's pretty much me, I hope you have fun exploring my blog and please feel free to follow me on bloglovin'! xo

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