Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Wow, long time now speak! Amazingly I've not actually posted since 2016 *shocked face emoji*. I've always struggled to keep up with blogging while at university but believe me there was no chance I had time to post after christmas! January to March I was on my final placement for my degree. It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, however I was driving for about 2 hours a day, and so evenings involved preparation work and early nights! Also throughout placement I was helping to organise my uni's showchoir annual showcase. This is something I've been involved in for all three years I've been at uni, and it was such an amazing experience. I was very lucky that my boyfriend and dad were able to come and watch the show. There were a lot of tears shed when it was over, and a lot of celebrating the following weekend! 

Then it was onto the easter holidays, which seemed to fly by. I managed to spend time with my family which was nice. To be honest, I spent a couple of days in easter completely relaxing, colouring my adult colouring books and updating my bullet journal (which I may do a post on soon!). I also made a good start on my dissertation over easter. 

Getting back to university after the easter holidays has involved working on my dissertation pretty much everyday! Thankfully it's now been submitted *yay* which is a big relief. I actually really enjoyed having one large project to focus on, and am very proud of the end result. In the time that I've not been typing away, I've been getting into a good fitness regime (including a personal trainer!). I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so I've been trying to tone up from my podgy pizza figure. I must admit I've seen so many good changes in my body over the past few weeks, I generally have more energy throughout the day, and things aren't as jiggly anymore! I still have a long way to go towards being fully happy in my body, but for the time being things are heading in the right direction. I'm thinking of popping up a few recipes that I've discovered recently that are super tasty and also nice and healthy! 

Life for the next few weeks is going to be strange, I have a couple of lectures left at uni, a couple of PT sessions booked in, and a big move ahead! During early May I was offered my first job upon graduation, which is so exciting! I will officially be a Speech and Language Therapist. It's worked out quite well as I'm going to be moving in with my boyfriend and his parents, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Although I have discovered my new found hobby of building IKEA furniture, so that's all fun. I'm hoping these next few weeks I'll have the time to get some photos and posts up on this blog, which will be 6 years old in June!!!! And thanks to my new Pipdig theme, I'm ready and raring to go. So I hope to speak to you all very soon. 

Photo cc: From Roses 

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