Sunday, 4 September 2016


I really enjoyed writing about my technology favourites last month, so I thought bring it back again this month! I'm a huge technology fan, and so I love bringing this aspect of myself to my blog. You may be able to see in the image above, but I'm currently using the iPhone 6. I'll make a little confession, I'm one of those people with pages and pages of apps! Everything you can think of, from music, to social media to games and even a period tracker (essential for us girls!). Anywho, here's what I've been loving in August in terms of technology. 

The Hamilton Soundtrack has most definitely been my most listened to musical soundtrack of all time. I'm not even exaggerating, there was about two weeks in August where I wouldn't go a day without putting this on. I first discovered the musical Hamilton after watching James Corden's carpool karaoke (isn't he just great?!). Lin Manuel Miranda has now become one of my musical idols, mainly for writing such awesome music and being generally a cool guy. Also since recently getting a car and making the 3 hour drive's to my boyfriends I've needed music to pass the time. This soundtrack is 2 hours 22 minutes long, so add a few pop songs to the end and you have the perfect driving playlist! I cannot wait for Hamilton to come to the UK, you best believe I'll be there in the front row singing my little heart out. This summer I've really got back into watching Youtube videos, after months of not being fussed by them at all. It's given me a new found love for testing out new makeup looks, and experimenting with colours. A youtuber I've watched consistently is KathleenLights. First of all, I adore her accent and the way she says certain words. Her videos are always varied and the selection of tutorials on her channel is endless. I've definitely copied her makeup  looks on a few occasions now. Watching her videos is literally like having a chat to her in the same room, and I think that's really hard to find with youtubers these days! So if you haven't already, hop over to her channel and subscribe! 

I'm sure you've heard every man, women, cat and dog talking about this TV show, but my god Stranger Things is phenomenal. A netflix original series based in the eras of ET, the show follows the disappearance of Will Byers with many twists and turns in between. Me and my boyfriend were so addicted to this, we finished it in about 2 or 3 days! (You could well do it in one). The cast is great, the plot is great, and I love the soundtrack! Thankfully, netflix have revealed that a second series will be coming in 2017 which I am already so excited for. If you haven't watched it already, what are you doing?! Also quick mention to Pretty Little Liars, which I've been waiting with anticipation every Tuesday evening of season 7. The mid-season finale was jaw dropping, and I'm looking forwards to getting more questions answered in the final (EVER) part of season 7. However don't get too excited, you've got until April to wait!! 

Finally, an app that I downloaded recently is the KIKO app. If you've read my KIKO haul (link) you'll know they had an incredible deal of purchasing 6 products for the price of 3 the other weekend, all you had to do was show your individual ID using the app and the promotion was yours. So sure enough I did just that. The app is super user friendly, and is great for browsing their new ranges and products. You can also create wishlist of products, locate your nearest KIKO store and stay updated with their latest offers and promotions. It's handy to have if you're a spontaneous makeup shopper like me. So that's my techy favourites for this past month. What have you been loving recently? Any TV shows I should be watching? 

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