Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I love apps. There, I said it. Many an evening have I downloaded 20 plus random apps to my phone to have an explore of what's new on the app scene. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite apps that I've been using recently (as well as a bonus Facebook page I've been in love with). As you can see in the photos above I have the silver iPhone 6 which I love to pieces. 

The first app I want to tell you about is one I remember playing back in sixth form which I've recently got back into called 'Take It Easy'. There's so many different modes and ways to play this game, my favourite is on puzzle mode where you have to move the pieces to achieve different criteria e.g a score of 165 or building a certain pattern with the pipes. It's very addictive and quick to play on the go. Another app I've been loving is 'Steps' which as the name suggests, counts you steps! Since my dad has got a fit watch I've been going on quite a few walks which him and decided I wanted to see exactly how far/much I was walking. Admittedly after my appendectomy 8 weeks ago there wasn't much movement to track but since I've been gradually getting better I've managed to get more and more steps in. 

Something that's actually been increasing the amount of steps I've been doing is 'Pokemon Go' which I'm sure you've most likely heard of by now. Not too long ago by boyfriend lent me his DS to play Pokemon Platinum and 10 years too late I discovered the craze of pokemon. Then blow me a few weeks later and pokemon is everywhere again with the release of Pokemon Go in the US and eventually the UK. Where I live in Yorkshire isn't the most exciting for pokemon hunting but with all the travels I've done/am doing to different places of the UK it's encouraging me to get out and explore the area (and collect new pokemon too!). Finally I wanted to mention the Facebook page Proper Tasty, as I've really enjoyed watching their short 1min cooking videos. The recipes are varied and really inspire me to get back into the kitchen baking and cooking! 

So that's some of my techy favourites that I've been into recently! No doubt I'll have discovered a handful of new apps by the end of August that I'll be able to share with you again. Let me know what apps/technology things you've been loving recently, I'm always open to recommendations! 

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