Tuesday, 9 August 2016


After not wearing nail polish for a good 3 months due to revising and then clinical placement I actually got out of wearing anything on my nails. So when it came to summer and time to paint my nails again, I actually was a bit scared of sporting anything too bright! Instead I've been sticking to more subdued colours to ease me back into the nail polish game. 

It's not secret that one of my favourite nail polish brands is Barry M, the formula lasts amazingly on me, the brushes make application easy and streak free, and best of all they're so affordable! My latest purchase is the Speedy Quick Dry in Freestyle (far left). This is a muted nude pink that is so so pretty but not in your face at all. One of those colours that you don't have to worry about what clothes clash with it as it's so universal. Another neutral love of mine for neat looking nails is Speedy Quick Dry in Pit Stop. A grey-nude colour which makes for the perfect professional looking manicure while still looking well maintained. This colour is brilliantly opaque which is an added bonus. Finally for something with a bit more colour I've been wearing the Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust, a light baby blue colour. This may be a very typical spring colour but it's great for bringing out a tan and again applies like a dream. 

I have nothing but good to say about Barry M, and these three polishes have been helping me ease back into wearing nail polish over the past few weeks. If you have an neutral polish recommendations please feel free to leave them as a comment below! 

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