Sunday, 14 August 2016


A few weeks ago just before I went away for a mini break I decided it was time to sort my eyebrows out. Since I was 15 I've had the waxed on a non-regular basis at my local beauty salon. However, I was beginning to really not like my eyebrows and made the decision to try HD Brows for the first time. My eyebrows have always been an okay shape, apart from the fact they can never decide what shape they are. Sometimes they look more arched, sometimes more angular. I also hated the fact that the tails of my brows were lighter than the inner section, sometimes making me appear like I had only half an eyebrow in photographs. Luckily one of my best friends works in a beauty salon, so I immediately knew who I was going to. 

The whole process took around 1hour, my friend Sophie (who did my brows) told me the first time you get HD Brows takes slightly longer as there's more to work on in terms of shaping. Subsequent brow appointments should last around 45 mins. To start Sophie and I sat down and discussed what I currently liked and didn't like about my brows. I told her I liked the thickness and length, but didn't like the colour change or lack of shape. After this I lay back and relaxed, and let Sophie do her magic. First up she tinted my brows. This was the thing I was most nervous about having never had my brows tinted before. But it turns out I'm in love with the colour. My brows are now darker than before but I feel like this makes them look so much more defined and frame my face really well. The tinting also made the fluffed hairs needed for the shape of the brow darker too, helping me achieve more of a shapely brow. 

The next steps involved waxing, threading, plucking, trimming and finally drawing in little tiny hairs to create the finished look. Another step I was worried about was the threading, as the last time I had this done I was a hot sweaty mess in a lot of pain. However this time there was no pain at all. Sophie used a calming powder to calm my skin from the waxing and threading, and this helped in reducing the soreness and redness afterwards. The cost of the treatment was £25 in total. I must admit it took a day or two to get used to seeing my brows so defined when I looked in the mirror, but now I'm so in love with them. Like I said before I feel like they really help frame my face and I'm just so happy to finally have my brows how I want them. Since the treatment I've only plucked a few tiny hairs that have started to grow back (I've been instructed by Sophie not to touch the top of my brows as this is an area I was to grow in again) but other than that I've just left them. When I put makeup on now I will fill them in slightly just in the arch where my hairs are thinner, and set them with a product I'll be reviewing really soon! So what do you think? What's your brow routine like? Have you ever tried HD Brows? I'd honestly really recommend it, I really enjoyed the whole process and the results I've been left with. 

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