Thursday, 18 August 2016


Earlier in the week I posted about my HD Brows Experience. Since then I've really been trying to keep on top of my eyebrow routine and make it a staple part of my makeup application. I wanted a product that made my brow routine easy, but still enhanced what I've got. I decided upon the Benefit Gimme Brow. Today I thought I'd share my thoughts and ramblings about the product. 

Since the revamp of packaging, Gimme Brow now comes in a small silver bottle with a tiny tiny spooly brush dispensing product inside. I got matched the shade 3, which is the darkest shade of the range I think (?). The shade is a perfect match for my new darker dyed brow hairs, but would also suit slightly lighter brows than mine as well. When applied to the brows it adds a tiny bit off colour while also defining each hair and setting them all in place. Some days I opt to use this on its own, some days it'll come after using my Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil. This is just the product I was looking for to allow my brows to look groomed but require very little time or precision to fill in in the morning. One of this products best features is the fact it sets my brows in place without giving them that horrible crusty feeling that I despise. Natural full brows is what you get.

At 30g for £18.50 I can't say it's the most cost effective brow purchase I've ever made, however I am really enjoying using it. I'll be interested to see how long this tube/bottle lasts me for with use everyday, as I think that will be the deciding factor in whether I repurchase this again or not. So far so good, and I'm in love with my brows! 

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