Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Way back in July last year I published a post called '20 Things Before I'm 20' detailing 20 things I wanted to achieve before I reached the age of 20. A year and a month on, I thought it was time to bring you an update on how I got on! 

I'm sad to say, not as well as I hoped I would! Looking back on the list I've only completed 3 fully, and 1 on a sort of level. The first one I completed was going to the beach. Me and my boyfriend made a short drive one day to a beach near where I live at uni. Although it was pretty cold, we did see a seal and had a picnic in a warm car. I love being by the sea, I find it so calming so this was a nice trip, and something I'm glad to cross off my list. The next one I completed is own a Pandora Ring. This was something I received as a christmas present, and there's very few days where you'll find me not wearing it now! The final one I completed is see more live music gigs. In October (?) I saw Scouting for Girls, which was a great night filled with singing along to songs of my teenage years, and in March I saw Gabrielle Aplin, one of my favourite artists of all time. I will never ever forget how magic and happy I felt when the whole venue was shining lights and singing along. I sort of completed meet more bloggers after going to an event hosted by #norwichbloggers around Halloween time. It was really nice to meet other bloggers in my area, but it's something I still want to get more involved in. 

Unfortunately that means the other 16 were left incomplete. Most of them are still things I want to do, and have plans to do in the near future. These include: read 10 books - must really get back into reading again, as I miss falling into a world in a book so much, lose/maintain weight - this became difficult after my emergency operation leaving me with a big scar in my tummy and no energy! But hopefully come the new academic year I'll be fighting fit and ready to get active again. Take part in a flashmob - something I'll hopefully be able to do in my 3rd year of uni, play the ukulele more, be on the radio - again something I hope to do at uni in 3rd year, find a church that inspires me, go rollerskating, go to the theatre more, write more, grow some herbs, run 3k - this is sometime I'm determined to do when I'm back at uni, I just need to gradually build my stamina up again, own a really stunning high end makeup product, have a plant in my room and not let it die, do a cocktail making class - booked onto another #norwichbloggers event in October which is a cocktail making class, and last but not least appreciate life. This is something I know I haven't done over the past year, as it's been such a rough year for me. From personal problems to illness to family losses, I've forgotten to sit back and look at all the amazing people and things I have in my life. This is a big goal of mine for the coming year, no matter what life throws at me. So goodbye teenage years, hello a new adult life, filled with motivation, happiness and appreciation. 

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