Sunday, 31 July 2016


Normally I really don't (personally) like videos or blog posts that talk about what people got for their birthday, but seen as for my 20th this year I got some really sweet little bits and bobs I thought I'd share them with you all! I think there's a range of presents in here so if you're in need of a bit of present inspiration hopefully this post will be able to give you a few ideas too. 

As I get older I've often got a few more gift cards as presents, which is great as it means I can choose exactly what I'd like from different shops. This year I got some Cath Kidston vouchers, one for H&M and a Boots voucher too! Really looking forwards to having a little spending spree with these soon. I also got some really sweet bangles (not sure where they're from) which have little geometric patterns on a gold basic bangle. I don't own any 'grown up' style bangles so these were a nice surprise. This year I asked my parents for a couple of little presents including this Instax Mini Photo Album from Urban Outfitters (link) and a HydrateM8 water bottle (link). The photo album is something I stumbled across when web browsing UO and thought it was great for keeping all my special polaroids in one place. I'll be doing a full post on the HydrateM8 bottle in the near future but I was really fed up of my bobble bottle and fancied a change. So after seeing/hearing Hannah Maggs talk about her HydrateM8 bottle I decided to ask for one for myself. 

I'm a huge fan of playing games, and I had heard of this one before getting it for my birthday. Love Letters (link) is a strategy game that is quick and fun to play for 2-4 people. It does require some memory abilities and deductive powers but it's a really great game, especially in the small portable bag it's great to take away with you. Finally I'd like to share with you my favourite present this year - my light box! After spotting these on pinterest I've been craving one for so long, and my lovely boyfriend bought me one this year. I just think they're such a great way to have a form of light in your room while also displaying positive quotes and saying (which I'm a huge sucker for anyway). This A4 Lightbox is from Oliver Bonas (link) but there's a few different places which they're available from - you can also get pastel letters for them too *places order swiftly*. 

So that's some of the bits I got for my birthday this year. I'm no longer a teenager which means I'm properly getting into adulthood now *yelps*. Have you got/seen any of these bits before? Let me know in a comment below. 

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