Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Hi! Long time no speak. Last time I posted on here was way back in March, how time flies. I thought start getting back into the swing of things by sitting down and having a little catch up. So sit down, grab a cup of tea, and lets get talking. 

So what's been happening since March? Well after the Easter holidays I went back to uni to have a week of placement preparation lectures before embarking on my first clinical block placement. I was so so nervous but ridiculously excited to put all the theory I've learnt over the past 2 years at uni into practise. I was placed in a stroke and neuro rehabilitation in a hospital. This meant I had to live away from my humble abode in Norwich for 8 weeks. The accommodation I stayed in was actually really nice as it had just been refurbished! It also gave me the chance to get to meet and know some more fellow health professionals, both from my uni and others. Towards the end of placement, the 2nd to last week to be more precise I had an unexpected trip to A&E. 

I'd come back from placement and been having severe stomach cramps all day, nothing like I'd ever felt before. After ringing NHS 111 and being referred to a local doctors, I was then sent to A&E where I sat waiting for 4+ hours before finally being seen by what felt like 1 million different professionals. At around 1am on 1st June, I was admitted to hospital with appendicitis. Totally unexpected. The senior surgeon came to see me at 2am and told me I could either have surgery to remove my appendix or be sent home with antibiotics (with the risk of my appendix bothering me 20% for each year of the rest of my life). So I decided to go with the surgery. It's funny because I'm naturally a very anxious and nervous kind of person, yet I was so so calm all day waiting to go up to surgery. However definitely lying on the surgery table about to be put under anaesthetic was terrifying. 4hrs later I was back downstairs in my hospital bed, surrounded by my parents and boyfriend (who all found my drugged up rambling very amusing). 

I ended up staying in hospital for a following 6 days as my appendix was so inflamed they also had to remove a tiny bit of my bowel (sorry TMI). This meant I was feeling the affects of surgery more than others who have keyhole surgery to remove an appendix do. After being discharged my dad very kindly helped back up my placement accommodation room and drove me home to Yorkshire for recovery. For around 3-4 weeks I felt so so drained and tired all the time, even by walking upstairs or focusing hard on conversations with friends. But now I'm feeling fine and dandy again! Although I do still have my nice big scar right down my tummy. 

Since then I've had a mini break in London, had my 20th birthday, and sadly lost my grandad. So safe to say I've not had the smoothest of months recently. But now it's the summer holiday (although I'm going back to complete my placement late august {super exciting!}) and I'm so happy to be back blogging again. I've got quite a few posts lined up for the next few weeks at least, I'll be putting a new post up every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! Hope you're doing well, let me know what you've been up to recently in the comments below! Lots of love xox 

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