Friday, 25 March 2016


Spring is finally here, and on a gloriously sunny good Friday I thought I'd bring you a spring wish list. Now being a student means I very rarely go shopping for beauty and fashion anymore, and any spare money tends to be spent on train tickets and food! So occasionally when I'm in the mood for shopping I make sure I plan things out first and do lots of research, especially if it's beauty products I'm thinking of buying. I can go months without getting a craving to go shopping, however recently I've had the real urge to splurge. Maybe it's because I've got back into blog writing and youtube watching, or maybe I'm just in need of a spring update. So here is what's on my wishlist this spring. 

1. Topshop Cami Tops: The one in the photo is actually from River Island, but Topshop have a gorgeous range of double strap cami tops in a huge range of colours. I'll probably stick with black or navy, I know these aren't typical spring colours but my idea is to wear these on nights out or occasions where I want to look a bit more fancy but still keeping it casual at the same time. At only £16.00 each, plus my handy student discount on top these are a great cheap basic. 

2. Jelly Bean Yankee Candle: Yankee Candle's are by far my favourite of all candle brands. I love that the jars are so huge, meaning they burn for hours on end! Sadly I used up my deliciously smelling Summer Scoop candle at uni just before I left for easter, so it's time to get my hands on a new one. The jelly bean candle is meant to smell amazing, plus who wouldn't want their room to smell like jelly beans?! 

3. Updated Skincare Products: I'm so bad when it comes to my skincare. Gone are the days where I had a lovely box of products on my shelf to ensure my skin was smooth and moisturised day and night, and instead I get by with any cleanser I can get my hands on (either borrowing mum's or one dug out from my unused beauty stash) and the nivea soft moisturiser. I'm starting to notice my skin's texture not being as great as it used to be so really need to get back into a good skincare routine. One of the products I'll be grabbing is the La Roche Posay Exfoliating Toner, which helped transform my skin a few years ago and kept it feeling smooth and looking clear. 

4. Short Sleeved Tees: I go on my first ever clinical block placement after the easter holidays (eeek!) and looking in my wardrobe I don't actually have too many short sleeved tops that I will be able to wear. The hospital has a 'bare below the elbow' policy meaning I'll be living in short sleeved tops when on the wards. I'm sure I'll be able to pick up some smart-ish basic tops from somewhere but if you have any shop recommendations I'd really appreciate them! 

5. Colorpop Makeup: Colorpop seems to have hit the beauty world big time recently, I first heard about it through their collaboration with KathleenLights and have since been craving their beautiful looking eyeshadows. As much as I adore my MAC palette, sometimes I wish I had a few great colours to amp up my makeup with. Their eyeshadows are meant to be super creamy and pigmented, and the shade range is to die for. As well as their eyeshadows, their liquid lipsticks have been receiving plenty of praise. I've never really tried liquid lipsticks but after watching Nikkie Tutorials and Lily Harper it's really made me want to try them out! Again, another shade range to die for. 

6. KIKO Makeup: I now own three of the eyeshadow sticks from KIKO, and a lipgloss that I managed to get in the sale last summer, and it's left me craving more. Again with the eyeshadow cravings, their water eyeshadows look so gorgeous for a shimmery eye and I can always do with more of the eyeshadow sticks. I bought myself MAC's Fix+ a while back so really fancy trying an eyeshadow wet, it's something I've never done before but from googling swatches online (for hours) it seems to make the eyeshadows really pop. I was over the moon when I noticed there was a KIKO store coming to the shopping centre where my boyfriend lives, so safe to say when I'm next down visiting him I'll be dragging him in there! 

So that's my spring wishlist, have you been craving any beauty products? Or maybe you're after a spring wardrobe update too! Let me know in a comment down below. 

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