Saturday, 27 February 2016


Hi! Long time no speak, in fact I haven't even posted once in 2016 and it's nearly the end of February *shocked face emoji*. I definitely imagined I'd be able to keep up with my blog much more than I am able to being at university. I adore blogging, and reading blogs, but my weeks seem to fly by so quickly and in my free time I'm either revising, organising the showchoir showcase or sleeping! Once my exams are done in a few weeks I have 3 weeks off for Easter, although admittedly I will be brushing up my knowledge ahead of my 8 week block placement for my course. So hopefully, fingers crossed I'll be able to get some pictures taken and aim to have a blog post up per week. There's been so many occasions when I've wanted to take blog photos or I feel like I want to talk about my makeup  but my rational brain just tells me I have to work. 

So here's a picture of my face today. This morning I got up early and did some revision before heading off for a lunch time swim. My university has the most amazing sports centre so I love going there to relieve some stress. When I got home I treated myself to allowing myself some time to do my makeup really nicely, even though I'm not actually leaving the house again today. However I am having a pizza and pitch perfect 2 night with one of my showchoir friends. While doing my makeup I went for a real bronze glowy look - I'm basically just craving the sun and a bit of a tan again! I'll definitely try and get a favourites post up in a few weeks as there's a lot of products I've fallen in love with that I've not even once mentioned on the blog! I'm also due a haircut, but since straightening it rather than shoving it in the half up do I usually do I've had so many compliments! Which is always nice. So anyway, how have you been? What exciting things has 2016 bought you so far? Have you had any stand out beauty products in the last 2 months? Let me know in a comment below! And hopefully I'll speak to you again soon. 
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