Thursday, 3 September 2015


A trip to duty free means an obligatory perfume purchase right? Well it did for me on the way to Spain at the beginning of August. After being stung by a bee on the way to the airport I needed a bit of retail therapy. I'm not hugely fussy when it comes to perfumes, but generally I'll go for a sweeter scent and I'm admittedly drawn in by the packaging. Having owned a range of perfumes over the years I've recently found one that I've become fairly fond of. With my christmas money a few years ago I bought the 30ml bottle of Nina Ricci Eau De Toilette perfume. A gorgeous apple shaped bottle with a sweet floral fruity scent inside, with fragrance notes of lemon and lime as well as candied apples, praline and vanilla (thank the lord for the internet!) make for a perfect fresh everyday scent. 

So when browsing the rows upon rows of perfumes in duty free, of which I could have bought hundreds, I decided to opt for the biggest sized bottle of the perfume I was already in love with. The 80ml bottle comes in a slightly lighter pink colour and has frosted glass which I think looks so freaking beautiful. Obviously the scent is the same as the smaller bottle, which sadly has come to the end of its life now so I timed my transition beautifully. Bonus points to this perfume for attracting  compliments, many of my friends have asked what perfume I'm wearing when we're out and about. And it's always this one. As much as I'd love to have a stunning tray full of an array of different perfumes for different occasions my student budget does not allow for such behaviour. So instead I'm happily in love with this scent, and if you ever happen to come near me in the near future, I'll probably (hopefully) smell like sweet apples. What more could a girl want?! 

What perfumes have you been wearing recently?

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