Sunday, 13 September 2015


It's Sunday, where I love to sit down at 8pm with a cup of tea and a face mask to participate in the #bbloggers chat. So I thought what better post to put up today than a Share The Love post. I have quite a few people to talk about for this post so I'll just straight in. 

The first blog I want to talk about actually has a specific post that I want to direct you to. Occasionally I'll read a post that just really captures my attention, and gets me to think about my own standpoint and opinions on it. Siobhan from A Girl and A Beauty Blog did just that. She wrote about 'The Social Media Shift' and how people can now essentially blog through an instagram account. It really got me thinking about how I started up as a blogger and how I utilise social media to show different sides of my personality. I also generally just love Siobhan's blog and she proceeds a great range of content. Next up is a blog that I actually discovered when replying to comments on my blog post, and that's the gorgeous Irish girl Cliona Hill. I was drawn to Cliona's clearly laid out blog but also her style is just right up my street. I'm not an overly fashionable person so I don't follow too many fashion blogs, but I find Cliona's fashion is something I just want to steal! She's also a lovely lovely girl so you should go and check her out (as well as the others obviously!). 

Next up is Forever September, another discovery through a comment on my blog. I adore Lucy's photos, and I've found her posts are really interesting and informative to read. I love reading her 'Sunday Chatter' posts to find out what she's been up to in the week! A blogger that I really really feel I've got a friend in is the gorgeous Isobel Rose. I've followed Isobel's blog for a while now but it's only since we have exchanged a few letters that I've begun to get to know her better. She's a lovely girl, who I know I can talk to if I need to! Isobel's blog has just had a makeover too and it looks bea-uti-ful. Moving on to a blogger who's style of photography is simply stunning, Faith blogs over at That's Just Fabulous and boy am I glad I found her blog. I love her flat lay photography and her posts are really make the post of her pro photo skills. 

Finally moving onto Youtube, which I have completely fallen in love with again, we have Meg Says. Meg local to my university town (really hoping I'll bump into her one day) but she is the most happy friendly girl in her videos. I love everything she has to say, and especially love following her on snapchat! ps. if you love one direction sing-a-longs you need to follow this girl on snapchat. She also has a great instagram called MegSaysEat all about healthy eating which is really inspiring too. Doddlevloggle has been a favourite of mine for a while, but she's recently completed VEDA which I loved watching. She's so so so talented and her videos range for adorable songs to vlogs of exciting things she gets up to. I just love her. And last but by no means least I've rediscovered Lily Harper. It sounds strange but I love her accent, and her makeup always looks like perfection! Her recent MAC lipstick collection video is a bit dangerous for me as I now have a wishlist as long as my arm, but I've really been enjoying watching her videos. 

So that's just a few of the bloggers and youtubers that I've been loving recently, let me know in the comment who you have been loving. Also if you have a blog or a youtube channel yourself leave a link to that in your comment, I love discovering new blogs to read or videos to watch! 

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