Sunday, 6 September 2015


When it comes to fashion the thing I feel most comfortable in is stripes. You may have guessed that as this is the third edition of a staple stripe, where I show you some of my favourite striped attire. For something a little different today I thought I'd show you how I'd style this tops just to give you an idea of how I wear stripes in different ways. Like I said I'm not the most fashionable girl around but hey-ho! 

The first striped top is this blue and white Pull and Bear t-shirt which is really comfy. I got this during  my time in London back in July, and although I don't own a A-line skirt I think this would look really nice paired with one. This was £9.99 which I thought was such a bargain, especially because it's such a simple top which goes with anything. Hopefully I'll be able to find a nice skirt to wear with this like I created in the outfit collage to have that cute pinterest casual look. The next striped top I've been loving is this striped jumper again from Pull and Bear, but this time bought in Spain! These are great for this transitioning period between summer and autumn, when it's not quite cold enough to wear a coat but not warm enough to be sporting a t-shirt. I actually bought this in a grey and white stripe too, just because I love the fit and feel of these so thought I might as well stock up. For this top I paired it with black jeans, boots and a cozy scarf, the ultimate warm comfy outfit for me. Last but not least I have this grey three quarter length sleeved top from Forever 21. This was another purchase when I was down in London, and I've worn this one a hell of a lot since. I like the slightly wider stripes on this one, and have found it's great to wear for all different weathers. In the styling collage I paired it with blue jeans and pumps, a really simple outfit but one that's perfect for weekend or day to day wear. 

What do you think of the outfits I've created? Stripes are something I feel really nice wearing, and it's something my friends recognise me for now. If they see me not wearing stripes it's a big surprise to them. Have you bought anything stripy recently? Let me know your fashion inspiration for fall/autumn too! 

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