Sunday, 9 August 2015


Excuse the awkward 'trying to be cool and fashionable' photos, I'm still getting into the swing of taking outfit shots. Alas, I thought I would post something about an outfit I've been loving lately. My fashion style is very simple and this outfit sums that up pretty well. This year I also bought some 'hot pant' shorts, which have taken a little getting used to but they're surprisingly comfortable. The day I took these outfit photos on was glorious and sunny which meant it was actually appropriate to wear shorts in the UK for once. 

Starting from the top, my top is from last year's topshop stock. It's one of their pretty scalloped edged tops, and while I'm usually seen sporting grey or stripes this makes a change for me. The print is like a messy spot kind of pattern, and I've found I've been wearing this with quite a few different combinations at the moment. It's made of a super lightweight material which means it is nice to wear on those warmer days. It also has quite a high neck so no awkward cleavage moments in sight. The shorts are from New Look, although I wouldn't be able to put my finger on the exact style as I tried on pair after pair! I just know these are a hot pant style and as has been trendy this year have rips near the bottom. I find this means the bottom of the shorts sit really comfortably rather than gripping onto your thighs, which personally I would rather avoid. Their light demin wash go with a variety of tops and I've really really been loving these. 

For shoes I opted for my Next sandals, which are my favourite ever! So much so that I've ever had them reheeled as I wanted them to last for another year. They're real leather and have studs between the different sections adding a bit more to a normal pair of sandals. They are starting to wear now around the elastic fastening but I simply will not stop wearing them until they literally fall apart! I also love that they don't have a strap that sits in between your big toe which I just find really uncomfortable. I decided not to wear any jewellery as the top is the statement of the look for me. 

What outfits have you been loving recently?

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