Sunday, 2 August 2015


It's that time again - time to tell you about some of the bloggers, and this time round youtubers that I've been loving reading/watching lately. Recently I've really got back into watching youtube videos, after a long period of hating what it had become and the content I was watching I've discovered some fresh new faces (for me anyway) that have really inspired me to check my subscription box more often. I might as well start off with the youtubers I'm already rambling on about it. Firstly I've been really inspired by Em Ford from MyPaleSkinBlog to try new things with my makeup. From glamourous eyes to simple fresh faced makeup, Em's tutorials are simply stunning. Plus her recent video You Look Disgusting is breathtaking. Also in terms of beauty youtubers I've discovered Kathleen Lights, who is no small deal by the looks of her 1million+ subscribers. I really love her accent and she seems very down to earth which makes her videos very enjoyable to watch. Finally in terms of vloggers my Sunday's have not become incomplete unless I watch the weekly Michalaks vlog. Hannah, Stef and Grayson make up the cutest family and I love watching their adventures week to week. 

On the blogging side of things I've been loving Jasmine from JasmineHardingMakeup, who I got the pleasure of meeting last week. The girl makes me laugh no end, and her style is to die for. I love the clean layout of her blog and she's generally just a lovely lovely person. Sadly Charlie who blogs over at Charlie Hearts was unable to make the meet up, but I hope I get to meet her one day. A fairly new-ish blog, Charlies' photos are stunning and I love the content she creates. A simple layout (as seen in the picture above) makes for easy reading and navigating. Last but not least a discovery through one of the blogger chats on twitter, either #bdib or #bbloggers - side note both of which I've been loving getting involved with since I've been off from uni, and always feel so happy afterwards to be part of such a great community. The Elle Next Door is a blog I've been a regular reader of recently, Ellie, otherwise known as Elle has such a classic fashion sense and she inspires me to try *try* and be more fashion conscious. 

Who've you been loving lately?

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