Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Shroom // Brule // Phloof // Naked Lunch // All That Glitters 
Omega // Era // Patina // Cork // Woodwinked 
Quarry // Satin Taupe // Sable // Mystery // Carbon

Ever since I stepped into the world of beauty I've lusted after building my own MAC palette. Being a student I've not been in the position to pay out and complete it all at once, and if you've been following my blog you'll know that it's been a long journey to get to this post! I thought it would be fun to run through all the shadows I've chosen to put in my palette as I'm so amazingly thrilled with how it's turned out. I'd gone for the gradient look, placing my shadows lightest to darkest so the palette commences with Shroom, a light shimmery champagne colour. This is great for all over the lid to give that healthy glow or alternatively used as an inner highlight to really make the eyes pop. Next along is Brule, a matte cream colour which as you can see is well loved! I've had this one for yonks and it's my go to brow highlight as it lightens the area without having to worry about looking like a glitter ball. I occasionally use this shadow if I'm doing a classic matte eye with liner as a base lid shade. To the right is Phloof, a beautiful shimmery pink colour which is what I tend to use as my inner corner highlight most days, however I also love combining it with the shade next door Naked Lunch to give a pinky shimmery glowy healthy lid colour (many adjectives, I know). This has slightly more pigment than Shroom which is why I tend to choose is as an inner corner highlight more. As previously mentioned Naked Lunch is the next shade up, a pink shade that comes off slightly iridescent, it's just the most gorgeous summer shade and one I've reached for a lot this summer. Finally to complete row one we have All That Glitters, a pinky shimmery bronzy colour (bad description, I am aware!). This is a fairly recent edition so one I've not had too much use out of yet, but I think it'll make a lovely lid colour, especially as the golden red tones bring out my blue eyes. 

A well esteemed shadow starts the second row, Omega is a matte light blonde brown colour, great for those with lighter eyebrows, or a lovely simple crease colour. Sometimes I will wear this all over my lids too for a neutral wash of colour. The first shadow *I think* I put in was Era which comes next. Era was my go to crease colour for the longest time, however due to its slight shimmer I began to opt for a more matte shade instead. That paired with Naked Lunch all over the lid gives a bright eyed look perfect for summer. Patina is one that I really have a love affair with. A slight olive toned brown shimmer shade looks really really pretty all over the lids, and is subtle enough for everyday wear. On the more matte side of things comes Cork a warm toned matte brown which I use to add some definition to the outer v of my eyes or under the lashes. Generally I don't use this shade too much as I tend to opt for the cooler side of things, however it is really handy to have a colour that warms a look up if needed. To complete the second row I chose Woodwinked. I wasn't really going to own a palatte without getting this true bronze shimmery shade which gives a lovely rich sheen to the eyes. 

The final row starts with another matte crease shade, this time with a slight more purple tone. Quarry reminds me a lot of the shade Tease from the Naked 2 palette, which is why I wanted a dupe in my MAC palette. This is a great alternative to a regular brown matte crease and something I've been opting for a lot recently. The next two shades are two that I adore using for a smoky night out makeup look. Satin Taupe is a stunning purple toned shimmer eyeshadow that looks amazing all over the lid, but also under the lash line for that Oslen Twin look. It's highly pigmented so get your blending brush at the ready, I love this colour a lot. Similarly Sable is on the same spectrum in terms of finish, but a more red toned brown shade. Again a highly pigmented shade that I love to sport for a more dramatic makeup look, and a special eyeshadow as it was purchased on my holiday in Prague! My palette would not be complete without two final matte shades, a dark matte brown in the form of Mystery and a matte black thanks to Carbon. Both of this shades have great pay off and are just really useful to have in my palette. I'm so so happy with the shades I've chosen and built up, it's great having all the colour I know I'll love and use in one place. 

Do you own any MAC eyeshadows?  

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