Thursday, 30 July 2015


As you probably saw on twitter the other day me and blogger/friend Sophie from Sophie Said hosted a meet up in London. I had such a lovely time and met some fabulous bloggers whose twitter names I will leave below for you to go and check out. I thought I'd just post some photos of what we got up to - don't worry there will be a haul post coming of all the bits I bought while I was there. 

Bloggers // @sophiesaidx // @simplytallulah // @ChelseyPrentice // @whentaniatalks // @emma_cookie101 // @jasminehmakeup // @emilyloulablog // @beautybabbles 

Have you ever attended a blogger meet up?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


To this day I remember purchasing my first ever Barry M nail polish in the colour Coral, which despite its name is a hot red tomato colour. It graced my nails for months on end, and as time went by my Barry M collection started to grow. Most collections that have come out have somehow made their way into my stash, including the textured nail polishes that were polish a couple of years ago. This year has seen the release of the Speedy Quick Dry range, which as soon as I saw the swatches knew had to be something that made its way into my collection as well. The first beauties from this line to be mine were In A Heart Beat and Pit Stop. The brushes for this colour are flatter and wider than the original ones, however this provides a great tool for smooth polish application, meaning the brush covers a wider area. I cannot get over how much I adore the colours in this range, I just think they are so stunning and perfect for this time of year. Pit Stop is my go-to professional colour for presentations or anything where I still want to have my nails painted, yet not in an in-your-face colour. 

After seeing the shade Eat My Dust feature on the nails of some of my favourite bloggers, including Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup I knew it had to become a part of my collection. The gorgeous blue pastel shade is so beautiful and really nice to apply. I've found the formula of these polishes is perfect, they're slightly thinner yet still opaque, meaning two coats and you're good to go but you don't have that awkward tower on nail polish on your nails. These last really well on me, I'm talking 7+days without severe chips. The final colours (as of yet) that have been added to collection are Road Rage and Get Set Go. If you want to appear more tanned than you are pop Road Rage on your finger nails, and I've been loving sporting Get Set Go on my toes for the perfect summer sandal accompaniment. I really can't express my love for Barry M and this collection in general enough, especially when I can often (due to offers) get 2 nail polishes for just £6! Astonishing. 

Have you tried any polishes from Barry M?

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Now that I'm on my summer holiday from uni, I've been trying to be slightly more adventurous with my makeup. The other day I was inspired by Em Ford from My Pale Skin to do this smokey look incorporating purples into it. Since then I've been wearing this look pretty much everywhere, it's so simple and quick to do but looks really pretty. If you want to see the tutorial that inspired me to do this makeup look you can see it on Em's youtube channel here.

To start things off I got everywhere primed, including using the Urban Decay Primer Potion for my eyes and the Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful SPF 50, which I find not only protects your skin from the sun but also provides a smooth base for your foundation to sit on top of. As normal I started with my eyes, taking some of MAC's Omega Eyeshadow through the crease to allow for the other colours to blend easier. Then with a smaller brush I popped some of MAC's Satin Taupe eyeshadow in a v shape from the outer corner of my eye and slightly into the crease. Once I've got the intensity of the shadow that I wanted I took a fluffy brush and blended it out. MAC's Shroom Eyeshadow was applied with my finger in the inner to middle part of my lid, really adding a bright glowing look to the eyes. After a thin line of Collection's Extreme Felt Tip Liner I moved on to filling in my brows. For this I used the 2True Brow Pencil just to fill in the sparse areas. Then I went back to my eyes, applying some of the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara to pull the look together. The last couple of steps for my eyes involved cancelling out any redness in the waterline with the Rimmel Nude Eyeliner and taking some of the Satin Taupe eyeshadow and running this under the lower lashes for a bit more definition. 

Applying the suncream first meant that it has time to settle nicely into the skin, and makes applying the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation a dream. I took about 1p size amount on my fingers and rubbed it into the skin. This foundation has a great satin finish that looks natural while managing to control those summer oils (sweat) that I get around this time of year. I pulled out my NARS Laguna Bronzer from the back of my makeup stash as I really don't get as much use out of it as I should. I used this as my contour, applying it in the hollows of my cheeks to fake that sculpted look. A tiny tiny amount of the Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Blush gives a gorgeous natural glow to the cheeks, and added to that some of the Stila Kitten Convertible Colour helps me to achieve that summer healthy look. Finally a bab of the stunning Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude means the look is complete. 

Have you ever tried these products? 

Thursday, 23 July 2015


I turned 19 last week. One year left of being a teenager, one year until I turn 20. Funny enough I really don't feel 18 let along 19. But alas, I'm inevitably getting older. When I was thinking about turning 19, it made me realise that there is so much I want to do with my life still. I'm fully aware that when I turn 20 the world will still continue to turn, and I will still be able to do things with my life, however I always like to challenge myself. So today, I'm bringing you a list of twenty things I want to do before I turn 20 next year. 

Read 10 Books - that's nearly a book per month. I adore reading and have done since I was a child. I love getting lost in the world of fiction, and it used to be one of my favourite ways to relax. I also love that feeling when you finish a book, so in light of this book loving I would like to read 10 different books before I'm 20. First up on the list to read is Paper Towns by John Green. 

Lose/maintain weight - towards the end of summer term I had a great fitness routine, with variations in exercise but making sure I did at least 30 minutes everyday. There's no denying this is hard, however I would like to lose a tab more weight but then be able to maintain throughout this next year. 

Take part in a flashmob - I just think this would be so cool. One of our plans with the showchoir in the coming year is to do a flashmob on campus to drum up support for our showcases, and this excites me greatly. After watching numerous adverts and films do it it's just been a dream of mine. 

Play the ukulele more - sadly my ukulele sometimes just sits in the corner waiting for me to play it again. I do really enjoy playing it, and I'm in no way pro although I feel like the more I play the better I'll become. So far G, F, C and Em are as complex as the chords get... 

Meet more bloggers - next week I shall be in London holding a meet up for a group of bloggers, which I am super dooper excited about. I don't want this to be the only time though. Hopefully I'll be able to meet some more bloggers over the next year, whether this is at organised meetups or casual coffee catchups. 

Go to the beach - although I'm going to Spain next month, I don't count this. My uni is around a 40 minute train journey to a gorgeous beach, and for the whole of this year we've been meaning to go. Sadly we never got round to it, so it's a must for this coming year. 

Be on the radio - now I'm not talking about BBC Radio 1 or anything as big as that, but I really would love to have a radio show on the uni radio station. Don't ask me why, it's just always something I've been interested in and have wanted to do. 

Find a church in my uni city that inspires me - I don't think I've ever mention religion on my blog, however it is something I used to be loyal to when I was younger, but have strayed from in the past couple of years. I really want to find a church/place of worship near me that I feel in touch with and inspired by. 

Go rollerskating - something fun, something different and something I just really want to do. 

Go to the theatre more - I studied theatre up to AS Level, and it's something me and my parents love to do together. There are so many theatres close to me that do great cheap plays, so I'd like to make more of an effort to see some more productions there. 

Have a picnic - a few years ago me and a group of friends from school grabs our bags and some food and had a picnic in the local national trust grounds. There was laughter, singing and fresh air, all something I want to do again. 

Write more - not in terms of blog posts, although I do want to be a regular poster in the coming year, but in terms of stories. As a 13 year old girl I used to fill notebooks so quickly with the ideas of characters and storylines that would flow from my creative head. Now I can't remember the last time I wrote anything. It's not even like I want to them to be published, there's just something about creating your own slice of world and losing yourself within it. It's a feeling I want to feel again. 

Grow some herbs - random I know. My parents have always been ace at growing their own herbs, so it's something I want to be able to replicate. I'm not talking about owning an allotment or anything fancy like that, just a few herb varieties in a pot will do me fine. 

Run 3K - although I have been running a lot this year I've not got myself up to the standard where I'd feel comfortable running in a 3K race yet. Also, I'm aware this is a very small distance for some people, however I like to take baby steps to build my stamina and confidence up. 

See some live music gigs - going to Radio 1's big weekend really inspired me to go to some more gigs, there's quite a lot of smaller intimate gigs near me so I want to try and make the most of those. 

Own a really stunning high end makeup product - I'm talking Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury or YSL standard here. Generally I'm a drugstore girl, student budget often only allows for such, however I really want to save up and treat myself to a gorgeous makeup product which I'll treasure for years. 

Own a Pandora ring - after buying cheap rings from Forever 21 and Dorothy Perkins for years on end, which although may look pretty end up turning your finger green, I'd really like to invest in a pandora ring to wear all the time. At the moment I have my eye on the Bubble Stack Ring.

Have a plant in my room, and not let it die - I think it's really time I learned how to look after a plant. I mean, I'm not that bad, but the pretty plant my mum sent me to uni with managed to loose the will to live. I really liked having a bit of greenery in my room so fingers crossed I'll be better the second time round. 

Do a cocktail making class - I swear I surprise myself with my randomness sometimes. Cocktails are tasty, and making them looks cool, so I'd like to have have a class in cocktail making to make me feel like I'm a fabulous bar tender who can throw glasses up in the air while everyone gasps in awe. Who am I kidding?! 

Appreciate my life - take a step back and look at the amazing things I have, the wonderful people I have around me, and the journey I've taken to be where I am today. So often we get lost in a world of technology, where the need to be a consumer is thrust into our face. I'd like to appreciate the little things, and remember how lucky I am. 

20 things, 12 months, 51 weeks. Lets do this. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Time flies. It really does! I can't believe that I've finished my first year at university, and boy what a year it's been! It has definitely been one of the hardest, most challenging years of my life, but at the same time one of the most amazing, happy, and best year ever. I thought I'd just have a little ramble about my time at uni so far, what I've been up to, what I've loved and hated and what I've learned. Hopefully this is helpful/informative to those who are planning on going to uni in September, or maybe it makes you reminisce about your fresher days. 

What I've Done 
Man this year has been packed! I've joined many societies, of which I'm now on the committee for the showchoir society. I also joined badminton and sign language, both of which were really fun. I've dressed up as many different things; a sailor, a cat, a creepy doll, a minion, a where's wally, a 'mathlete', a baby, a hipster and the list goes on. I've signed the contract for a house share next academic year with five of my friends (now that makes you feel like a proper adult). I've become pro at healthy tasty student meals, something of which I want to blog about more next year. I've taken hundreds of photos, over 700. I've performed in two showcases, one in December and one in March. Both of which were bags of fun to do, but also so nerve-wracking! I've been to a gym, something I never imagined myself doing. I've been to a ball, Radio 1's Big Weekend and played in a touch rugby tournament. But one of the things that stands out for me is that I've made some of the most incredible friends, both people I've been living with, people on my course and people I've met through societies. 

What I've Loved / Not Liked So Much
I actually settled into being away from home easier than I thought I would. My university is over 200 miles away from my home town, meaning popping home for the weekend is neither easy or cheap. However, this distance has meant I've felt independent, and made trips home even more special. I've also loved my course, it is so interesting and I constantly feel inspired in the career path I've chosen. The amount of opportunities and things to do at uni is something I'm going to miss greatly this summer. Whether it's going for a swim 2 seconds away from your flat, or playing badminton on a Saturday afternoon, there's always so much going on. In terms of things I've not liked so much, washing your dishes gets rather tedious. Never did I think I would appreciate having a dishwasher as much as when I come home. Also, doing your laundry at the laundrette not only is uber boring, but has to be planned out to avoid the busiest times (and queues) for the machines. I cannot wait to have a washing machine in our house next year. 

What I've Learned
As I said before, this year has been one of the most challenging for me. Both in terms of academics and myself. I am not innately intelligent, and if I want to do well I have to work for it. Which is what I do. However, the jump from A Level to degree level is huge. In my option anyway. I've definitely learned that A Levels are still very much teacher led, they tell you what you need to know. University is so much more independent, and if you don't do that extra work then you'll fall behind. My academic writing style has progressed so much in the past year, and it's something I'm continually working on. But the thing I've learned the most about this year is myself. In sixth form I was the most confident in myself that I'd ever been. This year there have been times where I've been so lost with who I am, and it's been tough. But that is a journey I feel like I'm coming out of now, and I'm in a much better place for it. In no way am I the exact same person that I was before I went to uni, and at one point that really scared me, but now I've learned to embrace this change. People do change, they grow up, they are influenced by those around them, they mature. But change can be good. And that's the biggest lesson I've learned this year. 

So after that long post, I hope you've enjoyed reading. I honestly can't wait for my second year of uni, I already have so much that I want to do that I didn't get a chance to this year. But finally I'm going to leave you with a quote that really summarises my last paragraph.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" - Socrates. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015


As you may have noticed on twitter or instagram it was my 19th birthday on Thursday. I had a pretty chilled day blogging then went out for a meal with my parents in the evening, but inevitably when I popped into town around lunching the birthday bug got the better of me and I treated myself to a few bits from Boots and Superdrug. In fairness, I had received a Boots voucher from my aunt in the morning so it was an apt time to spend it. 

First up I went into Superdrug and bought yet more Barry M nail polishes. I seriously cannot rave about this brand enough, super cheap, huge colour range, and the formula of the polishes lasts really well on my nails. I already own three of their Speedy Quick Dry polishes, but when I noticed the hot watermelon shade called Get Set Go I knew it had to come home with me. As it was 2 for £6 I thought I might as well get 2 and treat myself so I also bought this gorgeous mint shade (kind of mint candy apple-esque) called Road Rage. I currently have Get Set Go on my toe nails and Road Rage on my fingernails. The formula of this is thin yet opaque, which I think is one of the reasons my nails cling to the polish so well. Anyway, must move on now because I literally could rave about this forever! 

After my browse and purchase in Superdrug I headed to Boots, which in my city is literally 2 shops down which is always dangerous (but handy when comparing deals). I've managed to finish my second bottle of the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain, so that was high on my list of priorities to get. Again I could rave about this forever, but it's main selling points for me are its price, light/buildable coverage and natural looking finish. I was also on the look out for a new concealer as my Collection Lasting Perfection is on its last legs. I've seen quite a few bloggers including Gh0stparties and Emma from Girl With Makeup raving about the Seventeen Stay Time concealer, and from what I've tried so far I've been very impressed! I'll get back to you with my full review at some point. Finally I picked up the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner which is my favourite black eyeliner, it's easy to apply and the black colour is nice and intense. Again something I needed to repurchase as mine has run out - does anyone else find all their bits tend to run out at the same time?! 

Have you tried any of this products? 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I'm a big fan of a bit of bronze makeup for the summer months, so today I thought I'd show you my all bronze everything look, including bronze eyes and a golden glowing face. As usual the first step to this look was priming my eyelids with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Next I used a product that I must start using more because I forgot how stunning it was. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze gives a beautiful bronze slightly shimmery look when swept all over the eyes. I also find this colour really brings out my blue eyes. With it being really easy to blend this is a great fuss free product for early morning makeup application. I blended out the ages and into the crease with a bit of MAC Era Eyeshadow, followed by a spot of MAC Patina Eyeshadow in the outer v for a bit more definition. I didn't want to have anything too harsh along the last line so I opted for the Rimmel Sable Brown Eyeliner to add a bit of definition to my lashes. 

The final steps for my bronze eyes were applying some of my trusty Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, then to cancel out any redness a bit of Rimmel Nude Eyeliner in my lower lash line, and last but not least a smudging on MAC Patina Eyeshadow under my lower lashes for that Oslen Twin smokey look. The face was kept fairly simply, with a glowing complexion coming in the form of the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation which gives a lovely natural look to the skin. I apply this with my fingers and blend, creating a flawless but everyday skin look. Next I got my Body Shop Honey Bronzer out to sculpt those non-existent cheekbones and add a general bronze glow to my skin. This is honestly the best bronzer I've found for my pale skin as it doesn't have too much red tone to it so looks super natural on the skin. A touch of Collections Talulah Lipstick finished the bronze look off. 

Do you like bronzing up in the warmer weather?
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