Sunday, 12 April 2015


Favourites aren't really something I post about too much on my blog but occasionally I have a group of things I feel I should tell you about. Today is just one of those days. I have quite a few random favourites so let's just get on to what they are. 

First up is something I got before heading off to uni and I'm so glad I did. My Bobble Bottle now comes everywhere with me, and has helped up my water intake so much. There is a filter built into the cap which needs to be changed every 150 drinks or roughly 2 months, but there is an array of different coloured lids/filters so you can switch them up depending on what you're feeling that month.  Personally I'm a fan of filtered water, I just find it tastes better and encourages me to drink more. I have the 500ml bottle but there is a 1L bottle available too. Next up is my Tangle Teezer which has been a saviour for my hair. Having thick long hair can often mean a lot of fuss trying to brush through my wet hair after getting out of the shower. I'd read so many good things about these so picked this cute purple one up in Boots a while back and haven't looked back since. 

In terms of technology stuff, Evernote and OneDrive have become uni essentials. Evernote is where I store all of my notes which I take down on my iPad mini in lectures, I tried taking paper notes but I can't write half as fast as I can type! One of the main reasons I love Evernote is because you can create 'notebooks' for different subjects and so for an organising lover like me I can keep everything in the right places which makes writing up notes after lectures easier to navigate. OneDrive is handy for making work accessible from both my iPad and laptop, meaning I can start a piece of work on my laptop then pick it up again on my iPad when I'm on the move. Super useful! 

On my phone I've found an app called Collect. It's really simple, you just take a photo each day and store it for that day on the app. At the end of the month you're left with a visual summary of your month which is nice to look back at. I started doing this at the end of February and so March was the first full month to be completed. I'm looking forwards to doing this for the rest of 2015 then being able to remember all the little things from each day which often get forgotten. Music wise James Bay's album Chaos and The Calm has been my go to at the moment, especially the track 'Best Fake Smile' which is such a great song to play in the morning for a happy upbeat start to the day. 

So that's just some of my lifestyle favourites, what have you been loving? 


  1. Love the look of the water bottle, it sounds so good!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  2. Everyone always talks about Evernote but I've never been able to get into it - maybe I need to try again? Great favourite Kate! x

    p.s. I received your letter the other day so expect a reply soon ;)

  3. I really want one of those filter water bottles!

    Rachel Coco

  4. I really want one of those bottles. I definitely need to find a way to increase my water intake. I do find I always forget! I used to try and take a photo everyday and post on instagram - it was so nice to look back over. I've been thinking of starting doing it again! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I've just got a Bobble Bottle too and I love it! Mine's 1L and it's SUCH a hassle to take everywhere! Wish I'd got the 500ml instead!

  6. What a good idea for a app, might need to download that one!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. I've got a Bobble Bottle and I do prefer the taste of filtered water, but I really struggle to actually drink from it! I don't know if I just need to work on my arm strength, but it becomes difficult to actually squeeze the water out when it's only half-full! haha I love the sound of the Collect app, I'll have to download that!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  8. I think you should - i've found it so useful!
    I look forwards to it :D

  9. They're so good, and customisable which is always a bonus :)

  10. It's really helped me :) this app gives you notifications so I never forget!

  11. I can imagine the 1L is pretty big! I like the 500ml as it seems less of a daunting task to finish drinking it :)

  12. Yeah it does require a bit of arm strength ;D You should do Alice, it's a great one :)


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