Sunday, 5 April 2015


Words cannot explain how excited I am to publish this post today! Since joining the blogging community in 2011 I've made so many friends and discovered some lovely people, and always wanted to have the chance to meet them. One of my close blogging friends is my penpal Sophie from Sophie Said. We've been discussing arranging a meetup since last year really, and now we finally have some information for you all! 

The date we've decided on is Tuesday 28th July. Hopefully this will tie in with school/uni holidays and maybe for those who work give you enough time to book a day off (if you really fancy coming!). More details will be coming over the next couple of months, but we both just wanted to let people know so we can see who would be interested in coming. 

As it's our first time organising a meetup we're thinking of keeping it around 20 people. If you'd be interested in coming then please let me or Sophie know and if you could leave your twitter name that would be really helpful! A comment down below or email popped to is great. At the moment the draft plan for the day is to meet in Covent Garden then split into smaller groups and go shopping, then gather again for lunch. We're also looking into seeing if any brands would be interested in doing a demonstration/makeover type thing but we'll keep you updated on that! If you fancy tweeting about the event we thought to organise all the tweets in one place we could use the hashtag #LDNSummerMeetUp.

If any of you have organised meetups before please comment any tips or advice down below. I'm already really excited for theis and I can't wait to host and attend my first meetup! 



  1. cute post !!

    thanks for sharing :)

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  2. Lovely post! I went to my first event a few weeks ago and loved it! I love the sound of a London Meet up!

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog


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