Sunday, 19 April 2015


Tomorrow brings the end of the Easter holidays for me, which means no more lie ins and back to getting up early for 9am lectures. However, I feel like I've discovered some ways to make those early mornings easier, which I'm going to share with you today. 

The Night Before
Getting all your bits and pieces ready for the next morning means allowing yourself that extra couple of minutes of sleep, and also means you don't have to frantically run around in the morning looking for that green pen, or USB stick that you desperately need to find. I always make sure my bag is packed with all the folders I need for the next day. Also I find it helps to have a good wind down routine, whether this includes a face mask and bath or simply just taking time to do your skincare routine before hopping into bed. Doing this always makes me feel more relaxed and drift off quicker, a sensible bedtime helps make the mornings easier too (although I will admit my phone sometimes distracts me for a little too long)!

Morning Time
I generally set three alarms for the morning, starting to wake my body up slowly. Something small that I do is set the alarm to say something nice, an inspiring message or simply a sunny emoji. When I look at my phone with anger for waking me up, I instantly feel calmer and ready to face the day. I also use the clock app that comes installed on any apple products, this means I can choose a song from my music that I want to wake up to. At the moment some of my choices have been The Call by Regina Spektor or Scars by James Bay. Both of which are relaxing but good songs to wake up to. Next if I plan ahead and give myself enough time I take ten minutes to listen to a day on Headspace. This app helps you work towards meditating and being more aware of your physical sensations. It makes me feel so refreshed and energised after I've completed the day's podcast. This is followed by a warm drink, either hot water or green tea - another way to help me feel refreshed and ready for the day. 

Finally I put on my morning playlist while I'm getting ready. The songs I choose for this are upbeat happy songs that put a smile on my face. My current morning playlist consists of; Geronimo by Sheppard, Best Fake Smile by James Bay, Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne and I Lived by One Republic. This allows me to do my hair and makeup, get dressed and do anything I else I want to while feeling happy about the day (and having a dance around my room!). 

That's my tips on how to make what may seem like an awful early morning easier. Do you have any tips or things you like to do in the morning?


  1. Great tips, especially the morning playlist - I think that would be a great idea for myself as well :) I'm currently using the app Sleep Cycle, this tracks your sleeping routine and also has an alarm. You should look into it because it does some really nifty things - I can't really explain them, but they certainly are nifty haha

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  2. Doing headspace in the morning is a really good idea! I should try and get up a bit earlier and do that myself. I definitely prefer getting everything ready to the night before, makes it so much easier in the morning! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I have to set like 7 alarms to get me up, I'm definitely not a morning person! I always get everything ready the night before too, those few minutes in the morning can be precious!! I'm definitely going to try Headspace. Great post, thanks for sharing x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  4. I've started to get all my makeup and brushes out the night before which always saves me some time!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  5. Good tips but I heard that postponig the alarm clock is not good to wake up full of energy.

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    little taste of heaven

  6. I'd never thought to do HeadSpace in the morning. Much better option than right before bed and falling asleep half way through haha!
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  7. Haha love your cute little alarms!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  8. love these tips, i am terrible at waking up! x

    cat // je suis cat

  9. I am the worst in the morning, and the only way I get up is by leaving my alarm clock the other side of my room!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. I'm not a morning person at all, such a grump in the morning so antisocial haha. Need to try some of your tips especially the prepping the night before as I always have a mad rush to iron or find clothes haha xx


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