Thursday, 30 April 2015


It's been a long time since I've done a proper beauty favourites post, but seen as I have really been loving some specific products in April I thought it was only fair that I shared them with you today. They are all makeup / skincare focused, starting off with the foundation that you're probably so bored of me talking about! The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain is 100% my favourite foundation ever, bold claim I know - but so so true. It's lightweight, but still covers any of my redness, it's easy to apply - I tend to take one pump on my fingers and blend it into the skin that way, and it lasts really well on my skin too. I'm talking like 12+ hour days and still looking acceptable at the end of it. I genuinely can't imagine being without this, and hopefully won't be anytime soon. 

Next up is a serum that has really helped changed the texture of my skin. After buying 2 (or many 3) bottles of Hydraluron, I decided to give this one a try as it's cheaper and having a body shop loyalty card means I get 10% off anyway. The Vitamin E Moisture Serum comes in a super handy pump bottle, which controls how much you get out as well as being nice and hygienic. This serum is lightweight in texture, but really has helped to make my skin feel smoother and less rough (?!) if you get me. In terms of eye products I'm still loving my Mac Eyeshadows, specifically MAC's Omega and MAC's Phloof. Omega is the bomb for both natural looking eyebrows without looking overly filled in, and a staple matte light brown crease colour - something I've been favouring with a matte eye and an attempted cat flick. Phloof is the most gorgeous inner corner highlight, which really helps to brighten the eyes with it's shimmery pink tone. 

The trusty old Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in 011 Sable Brown has been taking the place of my normal black liquid liner on quite a few occasions, inspired by Isobel Rose's post about her Eyeliner Hiatus (post here). This makes for a really quick and easy way to enhance those lashes and make them look a little fuller while also keeping the eyes looking natural and minimal effort made. The formula is nice and creamy to apply but does set down and doesn't budge. Finally I couldn't actually do a favourites without including a lip product could I?! This month has seen the return of the Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Bright Pink which is a fabulous colour for when your skin is looking a bit dull. Also, it smells like vanilla which makes it a winner all round. The fact I can wear this if I'm sporting a smokey eye or something more neutral means it's super versatile too. 

What have you loved using this April?


  1. This foundation looks amazing :) I always want it to try, but I don't know is it good for acne because for a couple of year I tried some Rimmel foundation and it's so bad even if they sad that is for oily and acne but Rimmel as a brand is so great. I love Rimmel.

    Golden chapter

  2. I love the look of that lipstick, it's such a stunning colour!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. i really want to try out the rimmel eyeliner! i've never used a brown one before but i do really want to pick one up for a more subtle look, great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  4. I normally use L'Oreal True Match for Foundation but the claims that you have given the Match Perfection sound perfect to me so that may have to be my next purchase!

    Mollie,xo \\\ The Fashion Of Craft

  5. I haven't worn pencil eyeliner for sooo long, mainly because I've been kinda scarred from many 'panda eye' incidents with cheap eyeliner that smudged everywhere. Although that Rimmel liner does sound pretty tempting!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  6. Haha, can I pass you my Rimmel Match Perfection?? I have it in the exact same shade, but totally doesn't match me lol. Finish is nice though. I like the sound of a good single shadow highlight, like Phloof. It sounds funny too PHLOOFFF

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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