Sunday, 1 February 2015


The first month of 2015 has come and gone already! I can't believe it really. This month has been pretty great to be honest, I bought in the New Year with my family and then headed back to university on the 3rd. For some reason this month has been very reflective for me, and I have been constantly feeling very blessed for where I am today and the amazing people I have around me. I'm hoping to do this 'monthly mashup' style posts every month, with some random photos that I've taken as a monthly summary. It'll be great if I can look back at each one at the end of the year and be reminded of the little things that made each month so special.

This month saw the return to the gym, after being so ill over christmas it felt nice to be able to workout again. I've also been loving doing my nails recently - January has seen a matte red to a verging on spring like purple manicure. January has actually been pretty hectic for me, I am involved in quite a few societies - one of which is the uni glee show choir. Every Sunday 10-5 is taken up with rehearsals for our spring showcase, which is proving so much fun and I've met some really great people through it. I've also had a couple of deadlines looming, meaning I'm often hidden in piles of books and journal articles - but hey, it's all super interesting stuff! This month also involved a very special addition to my life, one that I'm not going to talk about too much on here for now. 

The top picture in this month's collage was taken on a spontaneous walk that me and two of my flatmates decided to go on as the sun was setting. It was great to be able to take some decent photographs and it really made me appreciate the university I'm at. To be able to literally walk out of my flat and see that view, is something very special to me. Thank you January, you've been good to me! 



  1. Love the big picture. So beautiful and calm. And what is that nail polish you are wearing? Love that shade.

    Bisous, Marye

  2. Such gorgeous photos Kate! :) So happy to hear you had a great month xx

  3. Aw glad you have had a great month! January has been pretty good for me too, I definitely need to get back to the gym though for sure! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. So happy you have felt so blessed! Such a great feeling! P.S. love your nails in the last photo! xx

  5. Ooh I bought some new shoes to get started on my fitness haha! xx

  6. Hello!!! I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. For having such a amazing blog :-)! I hope you'd be interested in checking the post out.





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