Thursday, 22 January 2015


Did I ever think I was going to be the type of person that got excited about fitness attire? Definitely not. But ever since becoming to uni I have become much more active, meaning I have needed to pick up and grow my work out clothes collection. The three main types of exercise I do are running, badminton and going to the gym. When it comes to bottom half I'm much more of a three quarter length girl than long bottoms as I find I don't get as hot. H&M is a haven for sports wear, everything is so cute and affordable. The grey marl bottoms in the photo are from H&M and the black ones are from M&S. 

In terms of running, I do like to wear a long sleeved base layer, mine above is from Sub4 and really comfy. As well as the base layer I wear this thin running jacket from Do Running, which being so bright means it's safe to run anytime of the day. This is really light and breathable and has detachable sleeves, meaning it can be transferred into the summer months. Trainers wise, I now own two pairs, one for running outdoors and one for indoor activities. I highly recommend going to a running shop where they can assess your running stance and advice you on the right shoes to support you. My purple pair are from the brand Asics. My indoor pair are much cheaper and not as supportive, but then they don't need to be as much. I adore the neon colours on my New Balance shoes, and they are nice and soft which makes them very comfy. 

Do you have any fitness fashion recommendations? 



  1. I recently looked on the H&M website and it looks like they have some really nice sportswear! I got my running trainers from Asics and they are so comfortable. I went to the store as a running newbie and they were so helpful; I was nervous about going in as I knew pretty much nothing but the staff were friendly and knowledgeable which put me at ease. They assessed my running style and showed me which type of trainers I should wear. I would recommend anyone to go their to get their running trainers from Asics because not only are the trainers great the service is excellent!

    Claire x

  2. Hahaha every time I buy new Workout clothes I get immediately motivated to run 10 miles, I don't obviously but it definitely helps me push to work out :) xx

  3. No one ever write about this, but I do think that it's important not only to feel good in your fitness clothes but also look good.


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