Sunday, 26 October 2014

Moving Out

A few days before I moved out of my parents home and into my university accommodation I was a nervous wreck. I'd done my big ikea shop, I'd planned out which clothes I was taking and yet I still couldn't actually imagine not living at home anymore. This post is going to be about my experience moving out and how I've coped. 

Being an only child means I'm really close to my parents, and my cat. I moved to a university about 5 hours away from home which meant I knew I wasn't going to be going home every weekend to see them. One thing that has helped me not miss home was taking some of my special memories from my room to bring to uni. My penguin ornament as well as some plastic caps both came off my shelves at home and onto my shelves at uni. I also made sure I bought plenty of pictures and my polaroids on my walls and notice board so that my friends and family are always just a glance away. 

Cooking for myself has not been too bad, I don't think my cooking skills are too shabby but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to cook a proper meal at the end of a busy day. Making sure I have enough fruit and veg in my diet has been really hard but I always feel so much better for it. Mainly I have been eating rice or cous cous with some kind of meat for tea/dinner or pasta for more lazy days. Laundry has also been interesting to conquer, but definitely a skill that has made me much more aware of fabrics and colours and what shouldn't be washed with what. It's been a month since I moved out from home and yet I call my uni halls my home now, because I'm happy and settled which is a blessing for both me and my parents. To anyone moving out either from their parents or to a new home I wish you luck, I understand how it feels and I hope all goes smoothly as it did for me. 



  1. Yeah it took me awhile to get used to cooking when I was by myself! My parents did the opposite and when I was living with them for uni they decided they were moving to Australia so it was a bit of a forced removal! But I've moved a lot over the years so wasn't too much of a shock! X


  2. I'm the same - an only child so very close to parents & all my cats aha! I'm soo excited for uni though. :) x

  3. Ooh big step! I missed my dogs so much when I first moved out, now I just have to resort to seeing them on Skype every few days!

    Josie XOXO

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  4. Always a big moment when you move out, although I cannot wait till I have my own place, I know its going to be kind of hard at first to get accustomed to doing everything myself


  5. Aw brilliant little post! Sounds like you are doing well in your new surroundings! I am sure you will turn into a more competent chef soon!

  6. I moved out 6 month ago and it was kinda hard. Altough i moved together with my boyfriend made it bit easier, but now i feel free and never better. such a great feeling! Wait and see :)

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  7. moving out is petrifying!!! Don't worry about all the scary stuff! Anyway who needs proper meals we have takeawyas for a reason!!


  8. Good luck with uni! x

  9. I was so excited to move out and be independent when I went to university, but I do remember sometimes I missed my friends and family. Everyone is only ever a Skype or phone call away though, which definitely helped. I've just finished university, and made the decision to stay in Leeds rather than move back home, as I love my life here!

    Good luck with university :)

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  10. It's so fabulous Soph! :) x

  11. Yeah it's been great seeing my cat on FaceTime! x

  12. Haha, I sadly don't think my body will appreciate takeaways all the time!

  13. Yeah skype and FaceTime are a godsend! That's cool, I'm pretty near Leeds in my proper home i.e. when I'm not at uni!

  14. It is never easy to move out of one’s comfort zone and moving on to a completely new and different chapter of one’s life. Nevertheless, change is necessary for us to progress forward and be a better person from all aspects. I can relate with your situation as I recall back my teenage years with my parents and now living on my own to start being an independent entrepreneur. The initial stage was a wreck like how you described it, full of downs than ups. Eventually, it progressed and things change for the better.


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