Sunday, 12 October 2014

Brands That Bring It: Lips

Today I'm going to be starting a new series called 'Brands That Bring It'. The series is going to be split into different categories e.g Lips, Face, Cheeks, Eyes etc. I'm not sure when the next post will go up as these posts require quite a lot of trial and error with products however today I am going to be having a good old rave about a brand I think bring it to the makeup world in terms of lips. 

When the Revlon Lip Butters finally came to the UK years ago I went a bit crazy for them, and overtime have managed to acquire 6 - Peach Parfait, Candy Apple, Macaroon, Sweet Tart, Juicy Papaya and Berry Smoothie. The reason I love these so much is because they really pack a punch in terms of the brighter colours yet still manage to be moisturising on the lips. The packaging of these is also super cute and they do look rather nice lined up in my makeup collection. The only downside to these is that in the hotter months they do have a tendency to make themselves into a melted mess (juicy papaya has paid numerous visits to the fridge to reform!). 

Another one of my Revlon loves comes in the form of their Balm Stains. I bought Crush which is one of the original formula Kissable Balm Stains when I was feeling adventurous about trying a dark lip, and was so impressed that Lollipop soon made it's way home with me. These really show their strengths when you have to wear them for a long time, and they even last through eating and drinking which is incredible. The original formula start off fairly shiny on the lips but slowly disappear leaving a long-lasting stain on the lips. For example, if I wear Lollipop on a night out even after a proper makeup removal the colour will still be there in the morning. I recently picked up one of the Matte Balms in the colour Elusive which is a gorgeous everyday colour and again functions like the original formula apart from applies and dries matte, but still doesn't feel drying on the lips. 

The most recent release from Revlon in terms of lips is the Colorstay Moisture Stains. I picked up the colours Cannes Crush and New York Scene. These have a similar applicator to the YSL and L'oreal Stains with the product in a slight dip in the middle. The colour choices for these are amazing and they really dispense plenty of colour onto the lips. I've not really had a chance to test these for wear time but the colour and finish of them are great from what I've seen so far. I apologise for the length of this post, I suppose I really do have a deep love for Revlon lip products! 

Have you tried any of these?



  1. Gorgeous photo! Revlon is definitely know for their lippies! I'm a huge fan of their matte balms, and while I did once love the lip butters, I actually don't get much wear out of them anymore unfortunately! The new stains sound really awesome, I love the look of Cannes Crush! I look forward to more posts in this series :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I really love their matte balms - have quite a few and almost run out of my elusive! I haven't tried the lip butters yet but really want to - quite a bargain so will grab one soon! X


  3. Totally agree Revlon is the best drugstore brand for lip products x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  4. YES Revlon is my fave for lip products as well! I love their lip butters and am crazy for their balm stains too! Honey is one of my absolute faves x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. I love the Revlon Lip Butters too and you're totally right about them melting when it gets, two of mine became practically unusable because they had melted so much! x

  6. The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains are amazing! The wear time is really great, on a night out I only have to reapply once usually:) You should check out the color Parisian Passion it's beautiful!


  7. I keep looking at the Moisture stains bit I can't decide which one to get... Your shades look beautiful! :) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  8. i'm enjoying the revlon lip butters much more than i thought. when the maybelline whispers came out, i opted for those over the butters but i'm actually reaching for revlon much more. they are just a bit more pigmented than the Whispers and Berry Smoothie with a berry blush is the perfect winter face


    A Beautiful Zen


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