Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Autumn Nail Polish Picks

First of all let me apologise for the random assortment of posting days over the last few weeks, you know the drill, first couple of weeks of uni = very busy with work, socialising and generally life seems quite hectic at the moment hence why posts have been popping up a bit oddly. It will probably be like this for the next couple of weeks until I settle into a routine with my studies and find out when I can slot blogging in. Please don't think I don't enjoy blogging anymore because boy I still do a lot! 

Anyway, onto the actual post! When coming to uni I knew I didn't want to bring my whole nail polish collection (which is way too excessive anyway) so I decided to pick out some colours that I gravitate towards in the autumn/cooler months. If you couldn't tell already my two favourite brands of nail polish are Essie and Barry M. The brushes of the Essie polishes make application so easy due to the wide brush and the colours I've picked for this season are Shearling Darling, Toggle To The Top, Parka Perfect, Blanc, Tea & Crumpets, Cute As A Button, Fifth Avenue as well as adding in my Essie Cuticle Oil and Top Coat. For Base Coat I use the Revlon Colorstay Gel Smooth Base Coat

Barry M polishes are on the cheaper end of the nail polish spectrum but have an amazing colour range and the formula lasts really well on me. The packaging is simple but cute and the gelly shine polishes especially leave a gel-like finish which looks so professional. I also threw in the Maybelline Brocades polish which is great to layer over plain colours. On the Barry M front I chose Duchess, Lady, Lychee, Rose Hip, Greenberry, Blueberry, and Blue Grape. Another lovely blue colour is the Bourjois Nail Polish in 18. This has a funky angled brush which does take a while to get used to but once you get your head around it this is a lovely neutral blue with some slight shimmer in. 

What will be gracing your nails this autumn?



  1. Your nail polish collection must be amazing! I love them all, but the first two are my favourite <3 xx

  2. Hehe I am quite proud of it! xx

  3. It is, such a great brighter colour for autumn :) x

  4. I love that Revlon base coat. It's my secret trick for making polish last that much longer. ;)

  5. the burgundy one is my favourite :)
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