Thursday, 4 September 2014

High School and Growing Up

Something slightly different today, but something I wish I had read when I was starting/during high school. I start university in less than a month so I thought this would be a great time to write this as a goodbye to my high school life. I hope this post is interesting/insightful or helpful to someone out there. 

High School Won't Be Perfect 

When I went into 'big school' I had this image in my head of making lots of new friends and hanging out with them all the time, happiness and closeness of everyone. My personal experience was very different to this, I really struggled to find a really close 'best friend' and flitted from one group of friends to another because I was searching for that magical group I had in my head. Turns out I didn't find this until my 6th form years. 


In 2013 studies found that 46% of children had been bullied in some for at school. I was bullied during my high school years, but looking back it's made me so much stronger and a better person. It will be hard, and it will get you down but just remember that you are an amazing person and don't let the bully beat you. 

People Change

You will change. The person you are when you start high school will be completely different to the person you are when you collect your GCSE or even A Level results. I know I've changed, for the better. People you know will change and you may not like that. You will drift away from people you used to be close to, but that's ok because that's life. 

Deciding Your Future 

Teachers will tell you that what you choose for GCSE's are important. In hindsight, they're really not. You could take any GCSE's and still go on to have the possibility of doing any university/college course you choose. A Level choices are more important as certain uni courses have specific subjects as entry requirements. Also, don't worry if you still don't know what you want to do when you grow up. I didn't know the path I wanted to follow until January last year. 

It Gets Better 

High school may be hard work, it may make you sad, scared, or lonely, but believe me, it gets better! The last two years in sixth form, which is technically high school have been the best two years at school so far. And I am super nervous about going to university but I'm looking forwards to a new experience. 

What was/is your high school experience like? 



  1. Loved reading this. I just started Uni this year so high school is pretty much fresh in my memory still. I really enjoyed high school, and didn't have too many problems but I made some poor life choices in my last year which made it not so awesome but I've learnt so much from it.
    All the best in Uni! I too didn't know what I wanted to do literally until 6 months before uni (and I still don't) but it's ok.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Thanks so much Sheri! Also thank you for your lovely comments on my posts x

  3. Really great post! I'm currently nearing (very quickly) the end of high school and it's freaking me out! I have a vague idea of what I want to do next year, but I'm still not sure if it will be the right fit for me! I've really enjoyed my highschool years, except my first year because I had a really hard time finding a friendship group that I fit into but I did the next year, and I love them so much haha! I'm really lucky too that my best friend from primary school went to the same high school, so I knew I would always have someone :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I actually finished my uni this year and it
    makes me so old when I have to think
    back of my highschool time! Unfortunate
    I wasn't part of the popular kids, and only
    have a slightly handful of real/close
    friends. And I value them alot and still do!
    Having a hard time sucks, but it sure
    made me work 10x harder and eventual
    become better, I wish you all the best with
    your uni!! Xx

  5. In my opinion things get so much better at University so don't be nervous :) I felt it was a lot easier to fit in as it's a lot easier to be yourself. There's so much more diversity at University too and I've luckily made some new friends that I feel as though I've known them my whole life :)
    Danielle / Party Violets

  6. Love this post, definitely agree with the 'people change' bit, sadly in my experience it's not always been for the best though! Abi :)


  7. Thanks Tasha! The best I can always say is do what you enjoy, at the beginning of sixth form I had no idea what I wanted to be so I took subjects I enjoyed :) x

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment! I really agree that having a hard time makes you work harder :) xx

  9. Awh thank you Danielle! That's really good to hear :)

  10. So glad you liked this post, means a lot to me :) x


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