Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Bloggers Excuses To Buy

The post 2 weeks ago today was about Learning To Spend Less (see here) so this Thursday I thought it would be interesting to hear some excuses that some of my favourite beauty bloggers use when buying beauty products. I'm definitely heavily influenced by offers on products and also new releases are very tempting to see what they're all about. Here's what the others had to say: 

Emma // @girlwithmakeup //
'My train of thought is usually "hmm I do have a lipstick/blusher/bronzer that's similar to this but this one is slightly different... therefore I need it!'

Rachel // @rachelclaireful //
'I don't spend a lot of money going out or smoking or drinking a lot so I feel that justifies it !' 

Sophie // @sophieetc //
'I definitely use my blog as an excuse "it's for review purposes!". Payday and treating myself is also an excuse for me too.'

Beth // @thegingernroses //
'If I have a special occasion coming up ... the "I know I have 8 different red lipsticks but this can be my cousin's wedding red."

Sophie // @sophiesaid //
'I like to convince myself I need new products for each new season.'

Leigh // @lilpbeauty //
'In a few weeks we will be heading into Autumn which definitely an excuse for new beauty buys.' 

Sophie // @sophienoz //
'I like to justify buying beauty products if I've been working hard as a little treat to myself!'

Sophie // @bellechaton //
'Packaging plays a major part, if I see a product with cute packaging of course I need that!' 

I hope you find this post interesting! Make sure you check out the bloggers in this post as I love them all and their blogs. 
What are your excuses to buy? 



  1. My excuse is: I already got a similar item but.. What if it is better than the other?

  2. Love this haha! I've been pretty good at controlling my spending on makeup, so I usually justify my skincare by saying that "maybe this will clear up my acne! or this one... or this one..." xD

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. I buy new beauty pieces because I love novelty - I like to try out new things! And with this new season and all of these new makeup releases everything is so very tempting nowadays.

    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  4. Review purposes is so my excuse! And pretty packaging HAHA.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

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  5. That's good, I wish I could control my makeup spending!

  6. Pretty packaging is the bane of my spending habits!

  7. Ah my blog is the perfect excuse for buying anything haha xx

    Gemma |

  8. thats so funny!! I use my blog as an excuse all da time!!! The my other excuse is "but i have no other (insert name of product and shade) thats exactly the same as this one in the same packaging so therefor i need this in my life!!"

  9. Really like this post! My excuses...special events or now 'for my blog' :D

    L x


  10. I love using the quote "we only regret the things we didn't buy" to have a little splurge ha!

  11. Loved this post! I'm such an impulse buyer so never really need an excuse haha

  12. Haha I love this! I am definitely one for saying it is for 'blogging purposes'. I have stuck to my spending ban this month though which I am happy about! xx

  13. Yes, reviewing purchases is often a great excuse I use! x

  14. I have stages of impulse buying too :P x

  15. Great post. I definitely use the 'for review purposes' one; 'oh look, it's on special/comes with a gift/is free shipping for this weekend only' one too. And definitely the cute packaging one - 'even if I don't like the actual product, at least I can display it!'


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