Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Little Life Update

The last week has been one of the best and crazy weeks of my entire life. I moved to uni last Saturday and could not be more happy. My flatmates are so lovely and even though it's been induction week for my course I've still really enjoyed it. It has also been freshers week, which has meant some very late evenings and early mornings however I've definitely embraced the student lifestyle as much as I can (still not a heavy drinker at all!). 

Food wise we had a flat Dominoes on the Saturday we all arrived which was nice to get to know everyone, plus who doesn't love pizza?! Sunday evening me and the three other girls in my flat went into town and had an amazing meal at Gourmet Burger Kitchen - I had a pesterella chicken burger with skinny fries and it was seriously one of the best meals I've ever eaten in my life. Most of the meals I've made for myself have been pasta as it's so quick and easy however I did do a food shop the other day so hopefully I'll be getting more inventive. 

Societies wise I've joined a sign language one, the glee showchoir, a charity and badminton. The latter had a taster session on Friday which I really enjoyed as I'd forgotten how much I loved playing. I used to play in a local club years ago but left when I started GCSE's. It'll be great to stay active and have some stress release time. 

What have you been up to lately?



  1. Sounds like you're coping with the transition to Uni very well! I've been busy helping out with a friend's wedding and it was super nervewrecking but right now, it's Uni hols so I'm enjoying my free time (whilst procrastinating studying ofc) :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Glad you've settled in so well Kate! I can hardly remember my freshers week (no, it wasn't because I was drunk!) but because I was in such a state of shock! I assume your classes start tomorrow like mine do? Remember that I'm only a message away if you need any help/advice! Have a great first week lovely xx

  3. It sounds like you've settled in really well, good luck with your first term! I've just gone back to uni and I can't wait to get started with everything xx


  4. Good luck at University, it sounds like you're having a fab time already xx

    Ioanna |

  5. I really have and I didn't expect to! Sounds like fun :)

    Kate xo //

  6. I've still got another induction week so my proper classes start next monday! Thanks gorgeous xx


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