Friday, 18 July 2014

My 18th Birthday

As I mentioned briefly on twitter (@beautybabbles) it was my 18th birthday on Wednesday, and I'm not the type of person who was going to go out and get drunk so instead I had 9 of my friends round for a garden party. Obvisouly I spent months planning it and stalking pinterest for ideas, so I thought I'd just post a few pictures to show you what everything looked like. 

I knew I wanted a blue theme as blue is my favourite colour and I came across a lot of the stuff in Sainsburys (they have loads of party stuff at the moment!). The napkins, plates, cups, straws, and table cloths were all from Sainsburys, the whole lot came together to look very pinterest and as my friends described 'very me'! I got some blue and silver 18 table sprinkles as well as some star sprinkles from Hobbycraft which added a bit of something-something to the plain tablecloths. Food wise we got some from a local deli who made delicious sandwiches, salads etc. We put fairy lights all around the edge of the gazebo which looked so cute when it got dark, and we also had tea lights in paper bags from Habitat which provided more light. 

Present wise I didn't ask for anything so I had a lot of surprises including chocolate, a new crossbody bag and some more EOS lip balms (I now only have one more left to complete my set!). So yay I'm now the big one-eight and 'officially' classed as an adult, though you won't see a change in my child at heart nature! 

When's your birthday and what are you doing/did to celebrate?



  1. I'm having a family dinner party for my 16th :) (Im not really a party person) I really liked your idea! It looked really cool X

  2. It looks so cute!

  3. This looks so perfect! My birthday is at the end of January and I've always been jealous of those who have their birthday in the summer! xxx

  4. Oh my goodness kate this looks like such a genius idea! I absolutely love it!

    The fairy lights really make it look so magical as well :)

    hope you had a wonderful 18th birthday!


  5. Aw this looks so sweet! I hope you had a lovely birthday :)


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