Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites - Beauty & Lifestyle

It's been a heck of a long time since I did a favourites post on my blog, but seen as I've been really loving some new products this month I thought I'd share them with you. July has been my first full month no longer being in school which has meant time to apply and test out new makeup as well as spend a few too many hours finding new apps on my phone... 

First on the beauty side of things I've manage to find a new foundation (other than my H.G L'oreal True Match) which has been my foundation of choice now that the weather is finally brightening up. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation shall have it's own review coming soon but for now I'll say it's lightweight and has a beautiful dewy finish making it perfect for summer. Also from Revlon I've loved wearing the Revlon Parfumerie Apricot Nectar nail polish, which graced my nails when I was in Croatia last week. My friends got me two more of the EOS lip balms for my birthday, including the EOS Tangerine which has been attached to me at all times recently. Also for my birthday I received a Stila kit from my Auntie which I've really loved using as I've always wanted to try Stila but never had the chance. The mini Stila Convertible Colour in Peony gives the most natural dewy flush to the cheeks and the Stila Lip Glaze in Guava is a lovely coral pink colour, a perfect pairing with the blush. 

Switching things up and throwing some lifestyle favourites in, as it's the summer I've finally got back into reading for pleasure again and loved reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green in July. I cried twice, about 1/3rd in and 2/3rds in, and will be heading to see the film at some point in the near future. Along the books line I've been using the app Goodreads to track the books I've read, reading, and want to read. Feel free to follow me (there's a button in my sidebar). Jewelery wise I've been releasing my inner child by making and wearing loom bands which are so entertaining, and customisable! On a more grown up level I've actually been wearing earrings again and always going for my little pink dice from a small jewellery shop in Croatia. Simple but pretty. Finally I've been burning my mini Mango Peach Salsa Yankee Candle which makes my room smell like a fruit smoothie. 

What have you loved in July?



  1. I love the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation too, it's brilliant for a drugstore foundation. I've loved my Bourjois velvet matte lipstick in Ole Flamingo it's the only shade I've worn all month I'm addicted :D xx

  2. The Fault In Our Stars is incredible! The movie is also quite good!
    Would you recommned the nearly Naked Foundation as a good back to school foundation?

  3. Yes I would, it's really lightweight and doesn't look like you're wearing foundation at all :)

  4. I keep swatching those in boots but haven't bought one... Yet ;-) x

  5. I included Loom Bands in my post this month. literally addicted to making them. haha. Love the colours you have. I really must try those revlon nail polishes aswell. Great faves.

    Lauren Makeup By Lauren Marie

  6. Mango Peach Salsa is one of my favorite candles ever, and I am sooo glad I found somebody that loves it as well! The Fault in Our Stars is such an amazing book, and I absolutely loved the movie!! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  7. I'm obsessed with John Green! I also really want to try an EOS lip balm, I can't wait until I finally can next year haha :) xxx


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