Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Matcha teapigs Challenge + Giveaway!

This month I've been taking part in the teapigs 'May Matcha Challenge'. It's been so much fun because I'm not a coffee drinker and so I quench my thirst through tea. Let me let you a bit about Matcha first, basically it's 100% natural organic green tea leaves ground down into a powder. It's said to have lots of super health benefits as well as being high in anti-oxidants. 

I've found a number of ways that I like to incorporate matcha into my daily life. First and easiest way is to have a match shot at breakfast, something I've been doing if I feel extra sleepy in the morning. Simply add a spoonful of the match powder to the little shot glass, add some boiling water, give it a quick stir then gulp it down. All the items in the first photo come in the Modern Matcha Kit (link here), which is great for people like me who are trying matcha for the first time. 

I've also been enjoying putting a spoonful in a smoothie, into my yoghurts and also mixed into apple juice for a fruity healthy kick. I love how versatile this powder is, you can drink it warm, cold, mixed in with other products and I also find it's been helping improve the condition of my skin as well. The very kind people at teapigs sent me both a kit for myself and a kit to giveaway, which I'm so grateful for because I love giving back to my wonderful followers! Simply use the rafflecopter below to be entered. Also teapigs have set up a unique code to get 10% off all products before the end of May so be sure to enter BABBLES at the checkout to receive that. 

Good luck! 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Spring Fling

Spring/Summer finally feel like they're on their way so I thought I'd do a very rare fashion post to show some of my favourite items for the warmer months. First up my top is from H&M, a shop I've found a lot of great things in recently. This grey speckled top is simple yet not too boring to wear everyday, it's also very light meaning no feeling weighed down. I love pairing it with my Forever 21 glasses necklace which my Auntie from America gave me years ago. It's really simple but I find myself gravitating towards it when the sun makes an appearance. 

On my nails I've been loving Huckleberry from the new Barry M Gelly Shine range. The perfect pastel baby blue for summer also a winner in my books due to the opaque formula. I've raved about this line of polishes before but boy I love 'em so much. You can't really see from the photo but my River Island Midi Rings have been gracing my hands recently. My friends often ask me if they feel uncomfortable and fall off, and the answer to both questions is no. They're really lightweight so I barely notice them (in fact I feel bare without them). So there it is, my second awkward fashion post - I really struggle to take these types of photos, so any tips would be welcome! 

What fashion items do you love for Spring/Summer? 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

One Sweep Shadows

I for one have recently been craving a simple shadow that I can sweep all over the lid, then add some mascara and go. So far I've found three that fit the bill, so I'm here to give you the low down on them today. Btw, heads up to my awesome pen pal Sophie (Sophie Said) for the super cute note paper which was used in the background! 

A shadow I've had a love affair with for a while is Natural Collection eyeshadow in Willow (bottom left). It's a gorgeous champagne/taupe shimmery colour which looks beautifully brightening when all over the lid. It's super cheap too, yet still has amazing pigment and as you can see I've loved this shadow long time. Next up is Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in On and On Bronze (top left). This is the most dramatic colour of the three, but whenever I wear it I often get compliments or questions about what I'm wearing. The consistency is really nice, it's not too creamy that it slides about everywhere but it's still easy to blend. Boy does this shadow have good staying power, I have no worries when I wear this that it's going to end up down my face, even on a 12hr+ day. Last but not least we have the newest edition, M&S's eyeshadow in Taupe (right). As the name states this is a taupe brown colour, more on the brown side than Quarry from the Naked 2 palette, but is a great matte alternative to sweep all over the lid. With great pigment and lovely packaging, this shadow has been my go to in the last few weeks. 

Have you got any 'one sweep shadow' suggestions? 


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Revision Tips

It's officially that time of the year, exam time. I thought I'd do a quick post today on my top revision tips, in the hope any last minute or on going revision can be helped. First of all my biggest tip is to be as organised as you can. Folders, timetables, revision notes, just make sure you know where everything is, keep it in a logically order and know when your exams are so you can prioritise what to revise. The folders in the photo are from Paperchase and I think they're super cute, one of them holds my Sociology unit 4 notes and the other holds my English notes. When it comes to English you may be able to see that my book Jane Eyre has got lots of colourful sticky notes coming out of it. These show me where useful quotes and sections are, again keeping me organised. 

I also use simple note cards to write bullet points that I need to remember, making an long essay question much simpler by just having the main points then adding all the linking together bits when it comes to actually writing the essay. On the subject of essays and past papers, I know it's scary to practise if you feel like you don't know anything, but seriously it's one of the best ways to revise. Most teachers will happily take in practise essays to mark as after all they're there to help you! And finally pens, I find colours really useful when revising, having key quotes or sections in certain colours means you're more likely to remember them as you associate them with the colour. 

As much as I'd love to say try not to be too stressed I know I for one will be a complete stress head in the next couple of months. But just remember, do the best you can and they'll all be over soon. To all of you taking any exams soon good luck! 

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