Friday, 28 February 2014

March Wishlist; A Spring Update

It's beginning to feel spring like at the moment, the UK has actually seen some sun this week and flowers are starting to grow. Spring always inspires me to have an update/tidy up of my room and often my beauty stash. After ready through some blogs I've compiled a wishlist of 6 (ish) products I'd like in March. 

1. Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Spray (long enough name?!) 
Haircare is something that I really want to look more into this year, I have fairly long thick hair which sometimes I wish just felt a bit more soft and shiny. The ends can get especially dry so I'm hoping this will help with that and generally the overall condition. 

2. Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo 
Another haircare tailored wish, I've heard so many good things about Bumble and Bumble as a brand, so I think this will be a good place to start. Note to self; Use on a Sunday to clean the hair of any build up from the week. 

3. Origins Clear Improvement Mask
Lately my skin has been playing up a bit, I've been getting small spots in random places all over my face meaning that I am in need of a mask that really gets deep into the skin and gets rid of any nasties hiding down there. I've never tried (if my brain serves me correctly) any origins products before so it will be interesting to see what my thoughts are. 

4. No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter 
In the winter I'm strictly a matt/satin skin girl, making sure I don't look greasy. However, in the summer I love getting the 'dewy' look right, and after hearing one of my favourite (and brilliantly named) Kate from gh0stparties talk about how amazing this is it automatically went down on the iPhone notes as a 'to-buy'. 

5. A Primer 
I still need to do a bit of research into which primer I would like but I really want something that is not silicone based and smoothes out the skin for a lovely base. I've heard great things so far about the Laura Mercier Primer & the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer so I'll see how my research goes. (Recommendations welcome!) 

6. Essie Bikini So Teeny 
Spring for me always means pulling out the pastel nail polishes, and sadly I do not own this ever-so-hyped colour. I absolutely adore the Essie boots diffusion line, the brush is wide, making the polish easy to apply, they're streak free, leave a shiny finish and the names are to die for. I'm okay on the pastel pink/green/beige side but have nothing like this colour. 

What's on your wishlist for March? 


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The White Collection Winter Candle

Winter is on it's way out and spring is coming, so it's time to start burning up those winter scents. This year I've been loving the White Companies 'winter' candle. The story that goes behind this is that I bought my mum one of these last year and she loved it, so I thought I'd get her another one this year. However one day near Christmas she walked into my room and showed me this, the same candle that she'd treated herself to. So I told her that I'd bought her one, so she gave me this one! (Silly mother!).

This is a really musky scent which I didn't think I'd like but I really love burning it while I'm getting ready for bed so that my room is filled with a lovely scent that reminds me of my amazing Christmas memories.

Do you have a favourite winter candle?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Week In Photos #5

 Delicious breakfast / My favourite lipgloss / On a health kick
Adorable calendar / Skincare menu / Cute gift tags 

Why hello there! A pretty busy week means that I've not taken many interesting photos, it's been a week of cuteness though. My lovely 2014 calendar arrived from Etsy, I've been staring at it all the while. My grandma gave me some lovely gift tags that I think will look lovely with plain brown paper and twine. I hope you've had a good week, now I'm off to take part in the #bbloggers chat :) Don't forget to follow me on instagram @maclovergirl96. 


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Clarins Hydraquench Cream Review

Skincare seems to really have taken off in the beauty world last year, so I complied my 'dream skincare' list and have slowly been accumulating creams and gels and any other bits that I have been lusting after. One thing that varies from person to person is their night cream. I have dry skin and so in the search for my perfect night cream I was looking for something that was thick and hydrating but also not heavily scented as I find sometimes they can disagree with my skin. For christmas I received quite a few boots vouchers and so naturally I did a lot of research then strolled into boots to pick this up. 

The Clarins Hydraquench line is fairly new and I'd read a couple of good reviews on it so I decided to give it a go. I've been using this for about 3/4 weeks now and thought I'd give you my thoughts. First of  all it has a very light fresh scent, nothing to florally or overpowering. It's a really think cream that blends into the skin like a dream, leaving no greasy residue on top of the skin which is amazing. The packaging is although not ideal, with it being in a pot, comes with a plastic cover (not pictured) that you can keep on top of the cream to keep it in tip top condition. My skin has not felt as dry or tight after using this and in the morning my skin feels plump, looks healthy and is really smooth. Overall it's a hit for me! 

Are you into skincare? What's your favourite product?


Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Week In Photos #4

 My simple circle mirror / Writing some letters / The best lip balm
 A super comfortable bed / Watching Tanya at school / Jealous of mum's makeup
 Weekly Lush bath / Sunday pancakes / Tasty pudding

Hello there! This week has been pretty uneventful, hence the boring pics. I cannot believe that we're in February already, before I know it I'll have left school! Not long now until half term which will be nice. This coming week brings another uni interview, my school open evening and an interesting photography talk. I hope you've all had a great week and enjoy this post! 

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