Wednesday, 18 December 2013


There is nothing worse than tangled headphones, and for months I struggled with having to complete the impossible task of trying to get my headphones to stop getting tangled up so badly. Then last year my mum bought my one of this, it's called a Bobino, and it's basically an amazing piece of plastic that you can wrap your headphones around to stop them getting so messy! 

Bobino's come in various different sizes and colours, unfortunaltey I lost the one my mum bought me for christmas last year so when I spotted this one in John Lewis I picked it up as it just makes things so much easier. I picked up the small red one as my phone case is red and white so I thought I'd make a little theme of it. I honestly love this little invention, and it's so crazily helpful. Bobino has a website which also has a couple of other useful products -

Have you seen these before? 


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  1. Never seen these but I'm terrible when it comes to headphones! I just bumble them into my pocket. Could do with one of these

    Holly ♥


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