Friday, 13 December 2013


A Levels, driving lessons, head girl duties, concerts, volunteering, work and blogging?! Yes sometimes I wonder myself how I manage it. Today I thought I'd take a break from beauty bits and talk to you about how I stay organised when it comes to my crazy life.

1. Prioritise - First of all, I always put school work before anything else. With (hopefully) going to University in September 2014 my school work takes priority when I'm really busy. A couple of weeks before your exams don't be thinking 'I really need to take some blog photos' or 'I need to edit that youtube video'.

2. Write things down - If you're at school, on a bus, in bed, always make sure you have a notebook handy to write down any ideas that pop into your head. This will help when you're having a mental block about what to blog about you have a range of ideas you'd forgotten about! To stay organised with my blog posts I've come up with a system where I can keep track of where I'm up to with everything. (Picture above). 6 columns - Product/Topic, PP; Product Photo (aka packaging), S; Swatched (if necessary), E; Edited photo, W; Written post, P; Publish. By doing this I can always know where I'm up to with various posts and this helps me to stay organised!

3. Saying No! - This may sound strange because most of the time people encourage you to say yes to every opportunity that you're given, however when you already have lots on your plate, then like me try to get into the habit of saying no. I don't mean saying no to homework as sadly that's not possible, but if someone asks me to sing at a concert one evening when I know I have a lot of homework it's much better to say no. This is something I really struggle with as I like to please everyone and join in with as much as I can, but sometimes I just need some time off, or time to catch up with work.

4. Don't feel pressured - 'Why haven't you blogged' 'Where are you?' 'We're waiting for you to come back' are things I've seen said to many bloggers when they haven't posted for a while. As much as it's nice to read your favourite bloggers posts everyday we are real people and for most (some) bloggers we have jobs or school work that do have to come first. Don't feel pressured into blogging just because people are leaving you comments, do it when you have the time and when it feels right.

5. Bulk Blog - By this I mean take lots of photos, edit them, write and schedule the posts so that you have plenty to fill your time if you know you'll be taking a break. I often dedicate a day/afternoon that I can get lots of content so that it's there if I need it. Using my table (see point 2 above) I can always know what needs doing when it comes to blogging posts. 

I hope this long post has been in some way useful for you, if you have any tips on staying organised please let me know as there is nothing I love more than feeling on top of things! If you managed to stay to the end of this post well done you, you deserve a sticker. Have a lovely day and I'll talk to you tomorrow in my never #bigblogmasproject post. 



  1. this is really helpful! what do the columns mean in the picture? x

  2. I need to do more organisation bits like this, my filofax is full of washi tape ha. Danielle xx


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