Friday, 20 December 2013


Hello everyone today I thought I'd do something a bit different and show/tell you about four blogs that I love. These people do not not I'm mentioning them or have asked me so this is all my own opinion! I hope you find some wonderful new blogs to follow as I certainly love reading these. [In no particular order] 

Sophie is a wonderful blogger, I adore her layout and her blog posts are super informative. I particularly love her one brand posts, so far she has done Bourjois and MUA. Not only is she a lovely blogger but one of my closet bloggy friends as she is my pen pal. We're been writing since September this year and I love nothing more than reading and replying to her letters. 

I love Jen blogs, her layout is very fresh and clean and her posts are really original. Jen is a lovely person in general and we often end up commenting on each other's Instagram photos as I think we have a similar taste in makeup. 

Ysis' blog is so professional, and her posts are so detailed that if she reviews something I will know for sure if the product is for me or not. Along with her YouTube channel, Ysis' blog is so informative and helpful and she's just a really happy bubbly person which is always good. 

Another super clean and fresh blog, Jessica's blog reminds me of the likes of Vivianna Does Makeup. Jessica does super interesting posts and I always crave every product she talks about. Her hair is to die for and I just find her blog really easy and great to read. She also has a youtube channel which I always watch as her video are really professional. 

What are your favourite beauty blogs? 


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  1. I was scrolling through Bloglovin when I spotted my blog header - thank you so much for mentioning me, I love your blog too! And I love being your penpal as well! :) x


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