Thursday, 12 December 2013


What's this, a fashion post on my blog? Yes that's right today I'm straying into the world of fashion (not something I know too much about!). Fact; I'm a scarf girl. Chunky, thin, snood, I love them all, so when my mum came home from a shopping spree and handed me this knitted snood from Gap I was more that happy. This has honestly had so much wear since I got it, and is definitely great for keeping cozy in the cold winter days. 

I think the reason why I love this snood so much is because it's grey it goes with pretty much anything, I've worn this with striped shirts, jumpers, and it looks extra good paired with my parka coat. There is nothing nicer than putting this on as it really keeps my neck warm and just adds a little bit of pizazz to an outfit. Now I am no where near a fashionista, but I do think this looks pretty trendy! This also comes in a white and green combo, but I'll just be sticking with this one for the rest of the season. 

Have you got a favourite scarf?


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