Saturday, 14 December 2013


Inspired by Amelia from Liana Beauty today I thought I'd do a 'if you only buy one thing this month' post. Today I'm saying that Decembers product you should pick up is Snow Fairy shower gel by Lush. It's especially important that if you like the sound of this you pick it up as this is limited edition for the christmas period, and does sell out like hot cakes! 

I've never really had a big spending spree in Lush despite watching all of the hauls on YouTube. I was actually at the checkout when I noticed this, and I immediately remembered how hyped this is and so thought I had to try it. How glad I am that this went in my basket! This sweet scented shower gel is to die for, some say it smells like pear drops - Lush describes it as smelling of candy floss and pear drops. It's sweet. It's really sweet so if you like muskier scents then maybe this isn't for you, but who wouldn't want to smell like a sweet shop when you get out of the shower?! This is by far my favourite shower gel ever and I will have to get a bigger bottle before it leaves the shelves.

Have you tried this shower gel? 

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