Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Sitting on a cold winters evening on the sofa, hot chocolate by your side, what could be better than a magazine purely dedicated to blogs?! When Estee mentioned this on her blog, it went straight in my basket and before I knew it it had arrived. I love reading blogs, but I also love discovering new blogs and so I knew this magazine was for me. 

The magazine contains six sections of blogs; food, fashion, lifestyle, travel, photography and beauty. There's also an interview, for/against, recipes, and many other little bits to fulfil your bloggy needs. Estee looks fabulous in all of her photos, and I've found many new blogs from the magazine. I like the fact that it includes all areas of blogging rather than just beauty bits because sometimes I love browsing a travel blog and dreaming of the sun. As well as a paper copy this magazine is also available for digital download, although I'm always a traditional paper girl! Blogosphere can be purchased here - www.blogospheremagazine.com

Are you a magazine reader? 


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