Saturday, 21 December 2013


So today as Christmas is really close now I thought I would show you how my (parents) house is starting to look festive. My mum, like me is super creative so quite a few of the decorations are handmade. My room never really looks overly Christmassy but hat doesn't bother me too much as the rest of the house is pretty festive. 

We have some knitted stockings that are not photographed but my mum made them, as well as the tartan bunting hanging on the wall. I love the stockings as I think they look really bright and lovely. On the landing we have some Christmas lights branches which give a very cozy feel and we also have some super cute heart card holders. They're such a great way to display Christmas cards without having them cluttering the window sill or floor etc. In my room I have some Christmas cups that are from Costa, who just make the best festive drinks so I had to put their cute cups up. I just have a few Christmas cards which are on my shelves. Like I said although I don't have many decorations it still looks a bit festive. I'm tempted to pick up a Christmas blanket to throw over my bed for the few nights left before Samta comes! I hope you've enjoyed this festive post and I'll talk to you again tomorrow, for day 21 of the #bigblogmasproject. 

What decorations do you have up?


  1. Kate this is so cute! I especially love your christmas tree, so festive!


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