Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nivea Eye Makeup Remover

When it comes to eye makeup remover, I don't feel like I've ever found my 'holy grail' one. Today I'm going to be talking about the Nivea Daily Essestials Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (long enough name?) and telling you my thoughts on it. 

Unlike many eye makeup removers this is not a bi-phase one, no shaking required. Purely pop some on a cotton pad and remove. I like to put a bit on 2 cotton pads and rest them on my eyes for about 10 seconds to really break down the makeup. In terms of removal, this is good, I can't comment on whether it removes waterproof mascara as I'm not using one at the moment, but for everything else this is really nice. It doesn't leave the eye area feeling greasy afterwards, and the bottle is really handy (preventing spills until the Boots Botanics one!). Overall I like this, but I still haven't found that 'yes!!' product yet. 

What eye makeup remover do you use? 


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