Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Makeup Minis

My final holiday themed post has come around, I've spoken about In-Flight Essentials here and Packing Light here but today it's time to talk about mini makeup. Not only is it cute, but it's also really handy to pop in your bag when packing.

The first mini makeup item is the Urban Decay Lip Junkie in the colour Naked. This came with my Naked 2 palette, and is such a beautiful gloss which gives a bit of colour while making your lips tingle a tiny bit (not burn though). For a mini product, the packaging is unbelievably cute, I adore the lid. Next up is the Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Rasberry. I don't actually know where this came from as my friend donated it to me, but I think it came in a free set that Clinique were giving away when you spent a certain amount. This gloss is not sticky, and provides a beautiful flush to the lips, perfect for summer. Finally there's Benefit's They're Real Mascara, which came free in an issue of Elle. Magazine freebies are great to pick up and usually worth the price! This will be great for holiday rather than carrying a full/big tube of mascara. 

So that's it, all holiday beauty bases covered! I hope you have enjoyed these posts, please let me know your holiday essentials down below.

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