Saturday, 27 July 2013

Marvellous Midi's

I go through phases, sometimes I wear rings, sometimes I don't. At the moment I've been really loving midi rings as they're delicate and go with any outfit. Having tried numerous times to find some fairly cheap, light weight midi rings, I managed to pick these up in River Island for only £2! If anyone is interested, I got the size large as I wanted them to sit just above the joint of my fingers. 

I honestly cannot rave enough about these rings, yes they're not pure gold, but the design is so beautiful, I've received many compliments when I'm wearing them. Showcased on my birthday with a coral/red dress, these looked absolutely stunning. Something many of my friends have asked me is if they fall off a lot. Now whether it's because I have them pushed down as far as they will go, or because they are so lightweight, these do not budge. I even did the whole shake-my-hands-like-a-luny thing as Essie (essiebutton) did, and they didn't move. I'm very much into the midi trend right now, especially with these! 

Have you tried midi rings?



  1. These are so pretty :). I've seen them everywhere so I want me some!


  2. I love these! Really want to try some out the next time I go shopping, they look really pretty on you! :)


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