Saturday, 6 April 2013

Barry M Prickley Pear Gelly Polish

Barry M Gelly Shine Polish in Prickley Pear (£3.99 Boots
Left without top coat, Right with top coat

I've seen a lot of talk about these on the bloggershpere lately, so when I was last in Boots I decided to pick one of Barry M's latest nail polishes. Prickley pear is a slightly darker than pastel purple which is a must have colour for spring. I've always been a fan of Barry M and this actually exceeded my expectations! The photos above are with two coats which are fully opaque, as you can tell even without a top coat these polishes are super shiny (as the name suggests!). At £3.99 per pop I don't think you can go wrong with these. I'll definitely be picking more of these up, I have my eye on Lycee and Dragon Fruit. 

These polishes are cheap, perfect application and barely chip at all. 

Are Barry M a brand you love? 



  1. I have this exact colour and love it. It leaves me nails so shiny and I find it dries quicker and lasts longer than a normal Barry M nail polish x

  2. Great post dear! <3 I love this shade so much; perfect for spring! :))


  3. Sucha pretty colour! Love these nail varnishes! :)

    Pipp xx


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