Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

 The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter (Website £13

One of my best friends Sarah got this for my 16th birthday last year, and my first reaction was 'it smells soooo good!', which it does. I use this religiously every night before I go to bed on my legs and my arms. The Body Shop Body Butters are really thick in constancy, a bit thinner than butter, but because it is very thick this works perfectly in the winter/colder months. Also, my legs usually don't react well to some body lotions (don't ask me why!) but this doesn't bring up any reaction at all, just smooth legs. Not only does it moisturise well, but I find that it stops the hairs on my legs growing back as quickly, which is always a bonus. 

In the summer I will probably switch this up for a lighter moisturiser, as this does take a little longer to sink in than normal body lotions (hence why I apply it at night), although I do love applying this the night before a big day (e.g party/meal out) just because it makes me feel more glamourous when I have super smooth legs *flicks hair like a model*. At £13 it may sound a bit steep but considering I've had this for over six months and I've still got about half left I don't think I'll have any doubts about going out and buying a new one once this is empty! 

Have you tried any Body Shop products? 

Kate xo


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