Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sure Cotton Deodorant Review

Sure Cotton Deodorant (Boots £2.60)

This is my third tube? of this, so I thought it was about time I blogged about it! A while ago I was browsing the deodorant isles as I'd finished my spray deodorant and realising how damaging it is for the environment told myself it was time to try something new. 

This caught my eye as I love the Sure Cotton scent, very fresh and clean smelling. This is a creamy waxy consistency that is really moisturising and doesn't gas you out (until sprays!). I do like this deodorant, obviously since I've repurchased this three times! The only thing I don't like is if you put clothes on straight away it can leave a white mark under your arms. 

With regards to sweating, I'm not a huge sweater, so I can't really comment, but it keeps me felling fresh and clean throughout the day. 

What's your favourite deodorant? 

Kate xo

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