Monday, 4 March 2013

Mothers Day Gift Ideas #4

Today is the final post in my 'Mothers Day Gift Ideas' series. I hope you have enjoyed them all, but before I say goodbye to this topic for the year I have one more idea I want to share with you. 

If your mum is particularly into crafts/sewing then she may appreciated an assortment of goodies. I got the fabrics from a local fabric shop, the thread you can get from Hobby craft/haberdasheries and the bows, button, and ribbon I have just acquired somehow. Just wrapping these up/putting them in a pretty box, although its a simple idea, will I'm sure by very much appreciated. 

Gift idea #1
Gift idea #2
Gift idea #3

I really hope you've enjoyed this mini series and that you've been inspired in some way! 

Kate xo

*Disclaimer* I do understand that not everyone has a mum/mother, and am sorry if you find these posts upsetting, but they are just ideas. I do realise this day might not be the same for everyone. 

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  1. Good idea! My mum like sewing. Maybe I will buy it for her :) Thank you so much!


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