Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mothers Day Gift Ideas #2

Emma Bridgewater tin, EOS Hand Cream, Boots Lipsalve, Accessorize earrings and The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Body Butter

Hi guys, today I'm doing the second edition in my 'Mothers Day Gift Ideas' series. This is something you can throw together quickly and you can give your mum gifts she will actually use rather than yesterdays. 

I got this Emma Bridgewater tin ages ago in a little farm shop near where I live, and I have never found a use for it, so when I was coming up with ideas for mothers day I thought this would be really sweet and would show how much effort you have gone to. You don't have to put the same things that I have in, but you can't really go wrong with beauty products/jewellery (in my opinion!). You could also fill the tin with photos/handwritten notes of great memories. 

Gift Idea #1 

Hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the next idea tomorrow! 

Kate xo

*Disclaimer* I do understand that not everyone has a mum/mother, and am sorry if you find these posts upsetting, but they are just ideas. I do realise this day might not be the same for everyone. 

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